Convincing reasons why website speed matters for business

Nov 27, 2019
Why website speed matters for business

Business is always a race where you need to outrun your competitors.

Think of your business website like a race car that can either drive you forward or make you lag behind.

You might ask: is business success and site performance really so tightly related? The answer is in our post. After 5 years of website performance audit services, the Drudesk team knows why website speed matters for business.

Reasons why website speed matters for business

So let’s see how a fast website confidently runs towards victory over its competitors. Along the way, it gains the following.

A larger number of potential customers

  • thanks to visitors who stay

The first reward a fast website gets is more loyal visitors. Users do not like slow pages, a good illustration of this is Google’s study on the subject.

This study says 53% of users abandon a mobile page when it takes longer than 3 seconds to load, and this number increases with each extra second. The more people who browse your website, the more people may become your potential customers.

  • thanks to being found through search engines

A fast website is easily found through organic searches by people who are looking for the company’s products and services. Website speed influences SEO due to a number of reasons.

First, factors like a lower bounce rate and an increased session duration tell Google your site is useful to readers and deserves a better position. Next, website speed itself is Google’s ranking factor when it comes to desktop and, as of 2018, also mobile devices. See also this chart of how speed influences the rankings:

Google ranking factor influence

Happier customers: the essence of business

Performance is a vital part of good user experiences. Here’s what the stats say:

  • A 1-second delay in website loading speed drops customer satisfaction by 16%.
  • 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website speed are less likely to buy from it again.

So customer happiness is another prize a fast website can bring you. Making your customers happy is vital in business — happy customers are more loyal to your brand and more disposed to deal with you.

More profits through increased conversions

On the finishing line, the winners in business get the desired rewards — increased profits. A website provides this in the form of conversions. A conversion means that a user achieves the desired goal on your website (buys a product, orders a service, signs up for a course, etc.).

It’s easy to figure out that conversions are easier to reach on a fast-performing site. It’s convenient to proceed with forms and buttons without losing your patience and changing your decision to buy or order anything And the statistics prove this — here are just a few examples:

  • Every second of page load delay lowers the conversion chance by up to 20% according to Google’s blog.
  • Amazon experienced a 1% drop in sales for every 0.1 seconds of speed drop.
  • Zitmaxx Wonen optimized their page loading time to 3 seconds and saw a 50.2% jump in conversions and 98.7% in revenue from mobile.
  • Mobify found that every 0.1 seconds of homepage loading speed optimization gave them a 1.11% conversion growth and almost $380,000 of additional yearly revenue. These figures reached 1.55% and $530,000 respectively for the checkout page.

To measure the influence of website speed on your potential revenues, Google even created the special Impact Calculator tool.

Website speed influence on potential revenues

Time to improve your website’s speed!

So are you ready for the victory of speed? A few tricks at a good website support service can make your website fly. Website speed optimization may include:

  • image compression and reduction in dimensions
  • lazy loading
  • CSS/JS minification and aggregation
  • clean-up of unnecessary extensions
  • the right caching setup
  • the use of a content delivery network

and a lot more (depending on the particular website).

Now you see why website speed matters for business, you can turn to the Drudesk team with small tasks if you know the exact issue you need to optimize. And, of course, we are always ready to do a full website performance audit to discover the smallest nuances of what needs improvement.

Seconds and milliseconds are running by! Contact us now and prepare to win your business race!

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