Chief Executive Officer

I am encouraged by the opportunity to fulfil my potential and to enable the success of the people I work with. Building and growing your own business is a very interesting and captivating job that reveals your strengths and weaknesses and lets you improve yourself. And it fills you with drive!
It is interesting to give yourself and your team the opportunities to develop both themselves and the company.

Head of Customer Service

What makes you be eager to come to work every day is the opportunity to help people both develop professionally and create cool products. It inspires you to seek new knowledge even if you get it after making mistakes. But being afraid to make a mistake means standing still, which is no good. Problems are new opportunities, and you should never lose heart, because you can always find a way out of any situation. This possibility to take personal charge of most issues is a great feature of our company.

Chief Marketing Officer

I love the work I am doing. I get joy from implementing new ideas and seeing the results of my efforts. I strive to create a team in which everyone is working as a coherent orchestra to provide the services that improve our customers’ websites/products and bring their needs and dreams to life.


Performance means everything. It is how we measure everything from our car to our blender. Simply put, it means: how well does that thing work and does it give us everything it should? Considering the money we spend on these things, we expect great performance and that is fair enough.

So, tell us. Does your website offer your business great performance? Is your e-commerce platform delivering results? Or are your customers being put off left, right and centre every time they click on your site? Drudesk is here to add performance back to your website. Getting rid of those funny bugs and glitches is a fun day at work for us and that is lucky 'cause it's what we do day in, day out.

InternetDevels gave birth to Drudesk

Drudesk is the latest offshoot of the phenomenally successful Internetdevels and our role within this family is to look after Drupal websites. We specialise in giving our clients the support they need to ensure that things are running as they should be and that performance levels are peaking to the levels they should be.

If you remember, InternetDevels are one of the best known and most reliable Drupal development shops around. With a global presence and hundreds of clients, they know what they are doing. But everyone needs a little support from time to time and so they had a baby – us!

Who is Drudesk?

We are a team of 70+ experts with a high proficiency in website development and we have formed close relationships with our clients. What that means is that you can give us a call, talk to someone you trust and know that your issue will be resolved ASAP. That usually means a couple of days at the most (usually much quicker).

With the main men from InternetDevels at the helm, Viktor Levandovsky (Chief Executive Officer) and Andrii Lutsiuk (Head of Customer Service Manager), Drudesk is an established group that knows their craft. In fact, the Drupal support service has been running as a part of InternetDevels for almost 11 years! Only now has it decided to step out of the shadows.

What we do

Don't forget that we work closely with Internetdevels, so we understand the process of development of your website from the ground up. We probably know more about your website than anyone.

We are super friendly and want to give you the type of service that works for your needs. That means that it is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that you only pay for what you need. There's no retainer or monthly charge. Just an hourly rate that stops when we do. Best of all, you can follow the process in your very own task tracker, so you can see what we have done, what needs to be done and when you can expect to be back online.

So that is Drudesk. A smart group of website fixers with a passion for ensuring your business works to maximum performance. We may not have you running like Usain Bolt, but we will have your website running like it should!

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