Why is a Logo so Important to Your website and Business?

Aug 13, 2016
Why is a Logo so Important to Your website and Business?

Anyone who knows anything about commerce or business knows that a logo is an integral part of any company’s brand name, and that its creation should be taken seriously. In this article, we will cover why a good logo is so important in doing business and how it can benefit your site.

There are people who believe that a site can easily do without a logo. Many users don’t even pay attention if an internet resource they visit has it, and often don’t notice it sitting in the upper corner of every page. The efficiency or inefficiency of this kind of marketing tool can be considered only if we look at how a site is going use its logo, as well as the overall marketing goals of the company. If your logo is included at all in the promotional materials of your company, then it is crucial that you obtain a good logo. Moreover, you need to find a spot on your web-resource where the logotype will work for your business and not the other way round.

The logo’s role in marketing strategy

A logo is of great significance for a web-resource if only because it is an essential part of an enterprise’s trademark. That’s why you should choose the place where you put your logo very carefully. The part of a site where it will be located should be always in user's line of sight regardless of what they do — pass from page to page, roll the page, open specific windows and so on. However it shouldn’t be obtrusive — don’t make it too striking or place it directly in front of site visitors’ eyes. It mustn’t replace the significant information, contradict or contrast with it.

The common method is to place a logo together with the other information published on the website, but if you do this, it should be almost invisible, just sitting unobtrusively in the peripheral vision of a visitor at all times. This is especially useful, as the human brain reacts better to objects that appear in the peripheral vision than on those in the center.


A company logo designed by qualified professionals plays an important role in building relationships between your business and customers. A logotype helps to create a unique identity for your company and to make it recognizable. It brands your goods and services, making them instantly recognizable to your customers, and proves their quality.

Nowadays there are a large amount of studios that specialize in developing trade marks. They offer services at low costs, but will not guarantee that the logotype they made will be in fact original, eye-catching, impressive and memorable and that it will attract potential clients. There is always the risk that you may get a tasteless, primitive image of your company symbol which will frighten your potential customers. Thus, when you choose a studio for designing a logo for your business, don’t choose one only because of their bargain price. Be sure that they are a professional design studio. Specialist at Drudesk can always help you and create a recognizable logo of your company's mission that will stick to the minds of your website visitors. To connect with us just fill in the form below and send it to us.

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