Why Is Website Maintenance Important For Your Business?

Nov 03, 2015
Why Is Website Maintenance Important

Finally, the long and hard process of website development is over. It seems that you can have a rest now, as the site will work on its own.

However, if left without website support, any site would pile up with bugs, errors and irrelevant data.

Every digital platform needs further support, updates and checkups. Our team at Drudesk has years of experience in support of digital platforms. Today we explain what website maintenance is and why is website maintenance important.

What is website maintenance services?

Website maintenance is the process of regular checkups for any issues or errors as well as updates. Regular maintenance & support keep your digital platform up and running, encourage traffic growth, and increase rankings in search results.

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Regular site monitoring is a must for keeping your online business running smoothly. Technology constantly evolves, and in order to keep with the times, digital platforms have to be monitored, updated and supported.

Website maintenance possess benefits that will keep your platform in order. Without these services a website may easily crash.

Website maintenance includes:

  • constant support and updates
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • high security level
  • proper hosting
  • reliable backups
  • search engine optimization

The absence of website maintenance may influence your site performance and search engine ranking as well as user experience in a bad way.

Website maintenance includes

How to maintain a website?

It is not that easy to maintain a digital platform. Website maintenance includes tasks that have to be performed weekly, monthly and yearly.

Website maintenance tasks to be done weekly

  • check if all pages are loading without errors
  • check for 404 errors and resolve these by fixing or redirecting
  • check for broken links and fix them
  • backup the website
  • search for any updates available
  • check all forms to ensure that they are running properly
  • remove comment spam from all pages and posts
  • write at least one blog post and share it to boost SEO traffic

Website maintenance tasks to be done monthly

  • update website core, modules and theme
  • security scan and updates
  • performance checking
  • analyze statistics from the previous month
  • review contact forms and call-to-actions
  • test the website on all devices
  • update irrelevant content
  • review meta tags to ensure that they are still effective
  • create and send newsletter
  • renew advertising campaigns

Website maintenance tasks to be done yearly

  • update any reference to the current year
  • review each website page for content accuracy and relevancy
  • update the list of email addresses
  • update website design (if necessary)
How to maintain a website

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

You can take care of all these tasks yourself, but it will save time and stress to work with web development company for several reasons:

  1. A team of experts will take care of all tasks every day. They know what to look for and what to perform next.
  2. You can focus on your business goal and forget about routine website maintenance tasks.
  3. You can choose a service package that will reflect the needs of your company.

Costs differ according to the type of website you have. Usually, it is cheaper to maintain a website with the small audience and not much content hosted, as such platforms require less tasks to be performed. 

We recommend you to look through Drudesk service plans. We offer three types of Drupal maintenance plans to be ready to meet any customers’ requirements.

Why Is Website Maintenance Important

Choose your Website Maintenance Plan in Drudesk

As you can see from the above-mentioned checklist, website maintenance is a continuous process that takes a lot of time and efforts. If not correctly implemented, it can prevent your business success.

Ask yourself honestly whether your website is in good condition. The best solution is to choose a website maintenance plan. Drudesk offers website maintenance services that meet any needs and requests. Contact us today and choose your service plan to keep your digital platform engaged, secure, and well-optimized.

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