Finally, the long and hard process of site development is over. It seems that at last you can have a rest, as the site will work of its own accord. But if you think so, you are mistaken. The site creation is only the beginning of its successful work. After that, you need to work constantly on supporting the site in the operative condition, i.e. on technical support. This concept includes several focus areas: service support, content update services, efficiency control, and website maintenance itself.

How to organize website maintenance in a right way?

The concept of website maintenance includes such elements as domain, hosting, CMS work (Content Management System), in other words, everything that provides trouble free site functioning. The choice of domain name as an element of website support.

The first and the most important stage in organizing website maintenance is registration of domain name chosen in the process of site creation. After that, you need to connect to DNS server, otherwise the visitors will not be able to access your site – this is also a technical support function. Hosting service is one of the functions of website maintenance.

What is hosting? It is place for your site in the internet. With the help of website support the constant hosting service is provided. Usually placing the site on customer’s server is provided as a variant in the process of site development, but in this case you cannot go without website maintenance too, because you will need IT-services to make server setting. Working CMS is the task of technical support.

The site will not be fully functional without content

Content Management System (CMS) is meant for content managing. With its help information updating and editing is performed. It allows to provide information site support to the full extent. The task of website maintenance is providing the efficiency of CMS and using all its capabilities while working with the site.

Who will cope with website support?

Let’s take a look at the several variants of website maintenance organization and choose the most appropriate one.

The first. This variant above all will occur to the head of the enterprise – to charge website support to the company employee, for example, to system administrator. It is evident, as there is no need to create additional work position and spend more money for salaries. But this way it is easy to simply ruin site work organization that was successfully started by developers, because the person that is not quite qualified will not be able to organize efficient site support.

The second variant is hiring website maintenance expert. As for site work this is a good variant, but new employee’s salary, working space organization, vacation pays and medical leaves are the additional outlay, that can be burdensome for the enterprise, and with all these site efficiency is still not guaranteed.

The third variant is the most legitimate economically and practically. It is charging website maintenance to specialized company for outsourcing. Employees of such companies are qualified enough and have experience in the field of site support organization. Payment for such services is much lower than charges for the fulltime employee and this company takes all the responsibility for the work of the site. And you must choose a reliable company or a professional webmaster, to which you can entrust your website maintenance.

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