What is website backup and why do you need it

Dec 16, 2015
What is website backup and why do you need it

What is website backup?

The majority of hosting providers offer backups to their customers, including daily copying and archiving services. Basically, this involves copying databases, website files, e-mails, FTP-accounts, and many other hosting options. The whole site and its settings are saved in a separate place so that if necessary you have the opportunity to return the site to the version you previously saved. In addition to that, you can copy the data on the current and backup (optional) server, which will be located separately from the provider’s servers or in another data center. This preserves your information in case something happens to the server that contains the site.

Why do you need a backup of your website?

To demonstrate how important backups are, let’s use a hypothetical example. Say your web project was targeted by the hacker attack, resulting in a change to, or removal of, your databases and the files of the site. Previously the solution to this problem was very complex and laborious, and webmasters had to start work from the beginning. Now, however, the existence of backups makes this problem insignificant. You can use the backup made by a hosting provider using the control panel of a hosting account, or by contacting the ISP, and then start working on improving the security of your site, rather than trying to restore the content of the site in parts.

However, there may be another more serious problem. In the case of a natural disaster, for instance, the server and all the sites and backups that are on it will stop working. For such disastrous cases, a dual backup service is needed. The hosting provider is able to quickly resume the operation of its services and restore the backups of the user data, taking them from another backup server that is located on another data center and is not affected by the natural disaster. Therefore, before purchasing a host you should ask your provider if they offer a backup of your data, how regularly it copies the information, and how long it keeps the copies in its archive. The success of your Internet project depends on this.

It's time to backup your website!

However, we will advise you not to rely only on the backup made by a web host. Using several backups that are stored in different places makes it more likely that your information will not be lost forever. If your webmaster does not have sufficient skills to work with backups, you can contact our Drupal website support at any time and our staff will gladly help you.

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