What is SEO or search engine optimization?

Dec 18, 2015
What is SEO or search engine optimization?

Any user of the global information network is well aware of what a search engine is.

Search engines help people find the necessary information on the Internet — for example, the cost of tickets, recipes, addresses of shops, etc. However, not every user has thought about why some sites occupy the top positions of the search engine results, while others are on the fifth page.

An SEO of the site is a series of measurements aimed at the promotion of a site, notably the promotion of the resource in the result pages of various search engines (Google, Mail, Yahoo, Bing).

SEO / Search Engine Optimization – why should it be carried out?

Not long ago the Internet was not available to wide sections of the population and it mostly served the purpose of entertainment. With the development of new technologies, the global network has become an influential tool in the marketing field and sales market. The opportunity to purchase goods online from the comfort of your home has been received enthusiastically by customers not only in our country but also abroad, causing an increase in the number of online shops.

Any business must stay competitive, and online shops are no exception. This competitiveness is influenced by many different factors, including the ability to advertise your goods. To do this on the internet, you must be on the first page of any SERP. You can achieve a leading position in the search engine results with the help of SEO. To get SEO for your site you simply need to fill in the form on our site. But why is it better to occupy the first place in the search engine results.

Let’s examine several reasons why occupying the first page is advantageous:

  • Prestige – A spot occupied by the website at the TOP of the search engines can be compared with a shop’s position in the city. The closer to the center of the city, the more convenient it is for customers, but it will also be more expensive. Only a successful company can afford to maintain this prestigious location.
  • Customer’s Confidence - This follows from the first reason. If a company is successful, it has proven itself on the market, has a lot of customers, and values its reputation. Therefore, by purchasing goods or services from you, your customers don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Traffic - It is clear that the sites that occupy the first ten positions (TOP-10) will have a lot more visitors on their pages than their competitors who are further down the list. According to statistics, less than 2% of users will go the fourth page of a search engine.

Why should website search engine optimization be entrusted to specialists?

Search engine optimization is an effective way to promote your website, but it is not as simple as it may seem. It is not enough to be able to put together a promotion; you have to know what queries to promote. If the list of requests is put together incorrectly, it will lead to unnecessary costs. The user will wind up going to the pages of the site to search for something that is not there. In other words, it will increase the number of visitors, but not the number of customers. Only an SEO specialist can select from a large number of requests the "viable" ones, which will attract potential customers.

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