Save your money thanks to your website support

Dec 01, 2016
Save your money thanks to your website support

Any business aims to make a profit. In the age of the Internet, a website is a nice tool to achieve this aim. Maintaining your business requires ongoing maintenance of your site, which reflects your company’s development. So, after creating a web resource, your main task is to keep interest in it.

Time is money (or Clients don’t like to wait!)

Down time is an undesirable period when a site is unavailable to visitors. During this time people have no way to see information, to book events, or to buy any of your products. The more minutes your site is down, the more potential customers you can lose.

That’s why you should pay attention to your site’s hosting. It must manage traffic without overburdening the system, and do backups every day that are available to be recovered and loaded.

Just imagine some of your vital data being lost forever! How could it threaten your business? How much time would be wasted in restoring it? Backing up is your data’s ‘insurance policy’ from unpredicted emergencies such as natural disasters, hardware failures or human errors. Using a few backups stored in several places makes you more protected and confident.

Keep afloat (or How not to sink to the bottom of a SERP)

Do you want to have a leading position in your business sphere and in search engine results? If so, ongoing SEO maintenance must be a priority for you.

Remember that search engines are regularly modifying their search algorithms. As a result, your website’s satisfactory position today can change in a couple of months.

Our SEO audit will give you a complex evaluation of your website’s rotation readiness. We will also make a report with a detailed description and recommendations.

Don’t forget that changing your site’s functionality can affect its visibility to search engines. This is why we recommend you contact our specialists to predict the possible consequences of these changes.

This kind of support will help you avoid broken links, which can cause a 404 Not Found error. We accomplish this with an analysis of internal links. These links connect pages within a website, influence rankings for keywords and make it easier for Google to crawl your site. We also do many other kinds of analysis. We’ll help your clients find you quickly on the Internet.

Graphics support

Images and videos of any kind are the first thing that catches the eye of visitors. Any visual components of your site must be attractive and convenient enough to make them stay on your web resource. Boring, mediocre, or simply out-of-date design can discourage visitors from exploring more deeply. It’s a big pity, particularly when your content is really worth comprehending.

The Internet is like a giant bookstore. Imagine yourself wandering through shelves filled with piles of information structured in any way possible depending on author’s view. Which will you be more inclined to read — a book with unique and cute illustrations or a book with bare text?

Our designers will create any graphic elements you need, from icons and illustrations to banners. Creating new categories, sections or rubrics of the site are as useful and easy as creating other graphic updates. We can either start from scratch or redesign elements you already have. Our attention to details, united with creativity and experience, will provide your site with originality and harmony in its design. Every element will complement the whole picture.

Graphic design services could be defined as analytics and art interwoven to make your site a powerful marketing tool. Attractive means effective. More visitors to your site means more buyers of your goods or services, which means more profit for you. This simple scheme is especially important if you use your site for commercial goals.

Information support

What to do and how to do it — both issues are important. After succeeding in attracting people with the lovely appearance of your content, don’t disappoint them with irrelevant information. Convince people to visit your site, and make them leave happy. We know how to do it and are eager to help you.

With our website content update services you will have a reputation as a reliable web resource and a serious company. It will certainly positively impact your trade activity.

Drudesk offer affordable prices for all kinds of support.

If you care about the continuing profitability of your business, contact our caring team.

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