Website design for startups: 15 best tips in review

Apr 08, 2020
Website design for startups

Greetings to you, startup business owner! You are at the starting point of your big adventure and you know you need to run faster than your experienced competitors.

Luckily, the digital age opportunities make it all possible! You can have a big speed boost to your business — a well-designed and user-friendly website that stands out from competitors. Our web design support company is here to help you, so let us start with sharing the best tips on website design for startups.

Low-cost startup website design

On the road from an idea to a website, you will need to decide on a few things, one of which is the choice of the platform. If you have plans for your startup business to grow and scale, you will appreciate the benefits of a solid CMS like Drupal. Discover more about the Drupal 8 benefits for business.

We know you might feel insecure about the financial position of your startup and cannot risk investing a lot into a website design & development. To solve this, we offer Drupal development services at a very affordable cost — drop us a line to discuss more details. Your low-cost investment should pay off significantly by the right digital presentation for our startup business.

The selected website design tips for startups

Thinking about website design for a startup business, we need to mention its capabilities to present your new brand to the world. You have a chance to create an unforgettable first impression that tells your audience what makes you unique. Your startup website design should convince everyone that you are here to stay and that you are worth their trust, no matter how much of a newcomer you are.

Create your brand identity

A vital point in our startup website design guide is about making your startup brand easily recognizable through custom colors, logo, icons, favicon, fonts, brand motto, and more. This will help your prospective customers remember you when they see your pages again. Our web agency has amazing creative designers whose services will be available to you at very reasonable prices.

Creating brand identity for a startup website design

Provide clear CTAs

CTA buttons are helpful guides for users through the website’s interface — especially when it comes to a startup website they have not used before. So provide CTAs clearly telling users what action they represent, preferably with verbs. You also need to use prominent button colors and good contrasts, and present them in a logical order.

Add unique photos

Wherever possible, use real photos of your team and office in your startup website design to grow your trustworthy relationship with your audience. You can rely on stock photos if you need to, but they should look genuine and authentic. Avoid looking like one of many dull websites on the Web — remember that your startup needs to stand out.

Use engaging videos

By incorporating videos into website design for a startup company, you have a chance to captivate your users and share your message. It can be about your products, office work, history, team, or anything you wish. A real video is able to speak volumes about your startup business. Never forget about the rules of website accessibility, which include the ability for users to start or stop the video when they want.

Using engaging videos in startup website design

Clearly convey your mission

Tell your potential customers clearly what you do, which technologies you use, what problems you strive to solve, what differentiates you among others, and more. You need to start doing this on the main page and have a special “About” page as well. The right blend of clarity and creativity, both in content and design, is important or startup businesses.

Integrate with social media

Never underestimate the power of social media in spreading news about your startup business. Be sure your startup website and your social pages work hand-in-hand for your goal. Social share buttons, social media page icons, social feeds, and more will kindle a flame of your popularity, so they are vital for startup web design.

Intergate startup website with social media

Make your navigation intuitive

In the best website design for a startup, all the information is at the users’ fingertips. Remember, they will not spend much time struggling with a confusing website. Here is why our experts pay a lot of attention to improving website navigation so it is simple and intuitive, logical, and without clutter in the categories. Good menus can be accompanied by breadcrumbs and a smart search feature.

Intuitive navigation in startup website design

Show testimonials as soon as you can

Your startup business may not yet have big names among customers, but it’s a matter of time! As soon you have at least a few happy customers or brands that use your products or services, be sure to include the testimonials section in your startup website design in order to inspire trust. This is one of the key startup website ideas.

Provide full contact information

Be sure to let your audience find you in whatever way is convenient for them (phone, email, Skype, etc.) Your physical address will add more trust. A Google map will be appreciated by your customers for its convenience. Finally, a contact form is now a very popular way of communicating with a digital business.

Try interactive elements

Interactive elements magnetically attract your customers and increase your website’s session duration. This is why it’s a great idea to incorporate them into your website design. They may include microinteractions around mouse movement, content revealed on click, multi-step animations, scroll-based Parallax animations, live-demo animations, and much more.

Example of iteractive elements in startup website design

Go mobile-friendly

Your startup website design should help you grab the maximum audience immediately. So, in order to successfully design a website for a startup, you need to take into account the huge, growing mobile market. This is a convincing reason to make your website mobile-friendly so it provides the best viewing experiences irrespective of the device. One of the ways to achieve this is responsive web design technique.

Take care of loading speed

Much has been said about why website speed matters for business — it leads to better conversions, traffic, ranking, and more. This is especially true for startups. Remember, you need to run faster today in all senses of this word — including your website’s performance. The ever impatient customers will not waste their time on waiting for an unknown website to load.

Optimize your website for search engines

Your startup needs Google’s attention like you need air. It will receive a lot of this attention with the right keyword selection, keyword-rich content, SEO-friendly URLs, and much more. We have SEO experts on our team who often work together with developers to make the final startup website design follow the best practices of SEO.

Keep it simple

The unquestionable rule of modern UX design is keeping everything simple. This fits web design for startups like a glove. Demand as few steps from your user as you can, make your forms minimal and lightweight, allow sign-up by email, guide them through your site with the uncluttered navigation that we have mentioned before, and so on.

Be ready for changes

Whether a new product or service is launched or a totally new brand comes up to the market, it's a great chance to gather the customer feedback and know how to keep developing. You need to be ready to change something both for your business offer and your website design. Luckily, our website support company is always open for big or small tasks related to redesign and new feature creation at a low price. Optimization never ends!

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Let us help you with your startup website design!

Hopefully, our selection has brought some startup website design inspiration to you. Let your startup grow into a world-renowned company with the help of a good website developed within a reasonable budget. Our design and development experts will be glad to contribute to your lucky business journey!

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