6 Ways to reduce page load time

Jul 15, 2020
6 Ways to reduce page load time

If we talk about sites, then the site should be as fast as possible to satisfy user expectations. In 2021, to be competitive, you need to reduce website page load time.

Website Success Formula in 2021

Reduce Website Page Load Time + excellent UX = competitive site

Let's look at what you can do today to reduce your website page load time.

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How Fast Should a Website Load?

Acceptable page load time is the time during which users can wait on your site load. Ideally it should take no longer than 3 seconds. The faster your site loads, the more users you get.

More than 70 % of users said that page loading speed affects their purchasing decision.

slow load time

Conclusion: if you want to have a profitable business, do everything possible to reduce page load time!

Why Is Your Website Speed So Important?

Before answering the question ‘Why is having a Fast Website Important?’ We would like to give a simple example.

You have a choice to send an email or write a letter and send it through the post office. What would you choose?

Romance is certainly a cool thing, but speed is what is most valued now. Therefore, having a fast website is important.

Slow site loading can cause customers:

  • leaving your site
  • going to the site of your competitors
  • decreasing their  conversion
  • having a bad user experience

and other problems.

Stats of page load time:

Stats of page load time
  • 47% of users expect that a website will load in 2 seconds or less. 
  • 40% of users leave a site that is loading for more than 3 seconds.
  • A 1-second increase in site load time can cost $2.5 million every year.

How to Measure Your Website's Page Load Time 

Before you repair something, you need to understand the cause of the breakdown. You should understand the loading speed of your site now, and only then do everything that can reduce the loading speed of the site.

To measure the loading time of your website, you should use the website speed test tools.

Best Tools to Test Website Load Speed

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

To measure speed you only need to enter the website's URL. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights shows the speed of the site loading both on phones and on the desktop.

Google PageSpeed Insights

2. GTmetrix

GTmetrix works like the previous tool. To see the data of the loading page speed, just enter the URL. There you can see all the necessary data about your site.


3. Pingdom

To see the results of your page use Pingdom, just enter the URL of the site. This tool will show you a detailed assessment of the loading speed of your site as a whole and is detailed on its individual elements.


We hope that you were able to check your page loading time and see its current speed status for today.

If your site loads for more than 3 seconds, then you have a problem and need to do something about it. Do not hesitate to repair it and reduce the load time of the site. Our web developers can solve this problem fast!

See below to find out the most effective ways to reduce page load time.

6 Best Ways to reduce page loading time in 2021

1. Reduce images

The visual attractiveness of the site is important, but do not forget that the image is the first problem that increases the loading time of your site. 

Make sure that all images on your site are optimized.

Little tips for optimizing images and reducing page loading time:

  • Scale images properly so as not to overload our site.
  • Do not reduce the image with CSS, because your browser will still load the full size version anyway.

We also reduce the size of the image:

reduce the size of the image

If, after optimization, the images lose quality, then you need to compress them. This allows you to reduce their weight without changing their quality.

Little tips for image compression and reducing page loading time:

  • Use free tools for image compression.
image compression
  • Get the help of a web designer who makes images both light and high quality.

2. Cache browser

In order to reduce the loading time of your site, you need to enable caching in the browser. 

Caching data in Drupal eliminates the need to download all the data every time the same user visits your site. This will help keep some data displayed without having to download data every time.

3. Reduce CSS loading

CSS is what gets loaded before flipping your site. Accordingly, to reduce the load time of your site, you should reduce the load time of CSS. 

To reduce CSS loading time, you should remove unnecessary code and minimize CSS files, i.e. clean up unnecessary spaces.

Reduce CSS loading

4. Reduce redirects

The more redirects happen on your site, the longer it will take to load the page. You need to minimize the number of request-response cycles as much as possible to speed up the loading time of the site. Redirects can be "404 pages".

For example, it might look like this:
you enter https://your-site.com/aboutus but this page does not exist, so you are redirected to https://drudesk.com/about. Such redirects increase site load time.

5. Use CDNs

We have already mentioned CDNs more than once and for good reason.

The essence of Content distribution networks is to locate your site in different geographic data centers. This distribution network is an accelerator of the loading of your site. 

Imagine the situation. Say there are 2 users that simultaneously visit your site, one of them in New York, the other in London. The first user can load the site in 8 seconds, and second in 3 seconds. To avoid such a gap in page load time, it's recommended to use CDNs.

6. Reduce Cookies

Cookies can be both your friend and your enemy. The main purpose of cookies is to store data between requests. 

However, the larger the cookie size, the longer your pages will load. 

You need to:

  • eliminate cookies
  • reduce cookies

Reduce your Website’s Page Load Time today!

In 2021, we advise everyone to focus on how to reduce page load time. The world is fast and in order not to be behind the deck and be competitive, you need to work hard. We believe in you and that we can help you!

Now we work according to a highly effective model of cooperation and can accomplish your tasks twice as fast as before. Contact our support company to reduce the loading speed of your site and ensure the number of conversions is reduced. 

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