How to redesign and move existing website to Drupal 8

Jan 23, 2019
Drupal 8 Migration Services

Drupal 8 has been all anyone is talking about since its release in 2015.

And the major question that occured in the community is whether you should opt for Drupal migration services and move a website to Drupal 8?

Multilingual features, mobile responsiveness, easy content creation and numerous performance improvements — the list of Drupal 8 benefits is endless. But especially impressive are Drupal 8 website architecture innovations. They make the development process much easier and more efficient.

You’ll definitely find a reason to move your platform to this CMS. And Drudesk is here to help you redesign your website and ensure flawless Drupal migration services.

The Most Important Points of Drupal 8 Migration Services

Here we highlight the most important points of Drupal 8 migration services. Of course, the following points are not the step-by-step process. Drupal 8 moving is a long and complicated process that should be entrusted to a professional web developer. However, you should know the basis of how to move a website to Drupal 8. In such a way, you can always control the development process and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

  • Create the Migration Environment.

Take the backup of your existing website and install Drupal 8 (from Enable migration relative modules i.e. Migrate, Migrate Upgrade.

  • Build Views.

Re-build Views, as they are not automatically migrated to Drupal 8.

  • Rebuild a Website.

Take your time to rebuild and deploy via configuration manager. 

  • Manage the File System.

Migrate the private files separately to ensure its full migration.

  • QA

Quality assessment is obligatory to ensure website performance.

A major problem you might face when move a website to Drupal 8 is that not all contributed modules you need would be available in D8. Contact a web development team to solve this issue.

More information regarding Drupal migration services is available here

Website Redesign

Sometimes our customers want to update the entire website, which means not only CMS migration, but also website redesign. Any platform needs constant changes and upgrades to keep with the times.

Website redesign encompasses everything from cosmetic changes affecting the UI part only to a complete website overhaul. If you are interested in your website redesign, check out the steps of this process.

Steps of the website redesign process

Website redesign process

Follow these steps to run the redesign process smoothly:

  • Review your current state

Run a website performance audit and discover what errors should be fixed. After you’ve found the weak points, analyze high conversion pages. Decide whether these pages need the full redesign or just a few optimizations.

  • Decide on strategy

Define your target audience. Do you know who is visiting your website? What the visitors expect to see on your platform? What are their needs?

Answer these questions and set clear requirements on how your site should look after redesign.

  • Website redesign itself

Choose a template. Don’t forget about UX and UI. One of the most popular approaches today is Data Driven Design. According to statistics, you can discover what your users need and provide it to them.

One more point to consider is functionality. Provide users with what they need. Establish clear navigation. Let customers get pleasure from surfing your platform and enjoy its content.

  • Testing and launching

Test the platform. Ensure everything runs smoothly and flawlessly. Check the website’s functionality on all the devices and don’t forget about usability testing. If the result coincides with your expectations – congrats, your platform is ready to go live!

Only after all these checks are done, you can launch your redesigned website.

We offer smooth Drupal migration services!

At Drudesk, we offer our clients a smooth and hassle-free redesign and moving to Drupal 8. Our dedicated team of developers and designers will make sure that your platform is all safe, usable and accessible.

Contact us for more information on our Drupal migration services. And do not hesitate to hire out development experts if you need to move or redesign your existing website. 

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