How to Recover Your Hacked Website

Feb 11, 2016
How to Recover Your Hacked Website

“I went for an interview at a big IT company today for the position of 'Computer Hacking Investigator.' The boss asked me, "So, what makes you suitable for this job?". "Well," I replied, "I hacked into your computer and invited myself to this interview”. It’s funny as a joke, but if it happened to you, it probably wouldn’t be nearly as amusing. Moreover, it can damage your site’s reputation among search engines. If you notice that your home page has been changed, you no longer have access to admin pages, a page doesn’t load, or you get a Google Warning page, it means that your website has been compromised. But breathe easy, Drudesk will quickly fix your Drupal site and prevent new hacking attempts.

Drudesk Will Help You to Recover Your Hacked Website

Recovering from a hack can be overwhelming. But Drudesk team can handle everything! We will restore your web project and prevent future attacks on your website.

We will contact your host and diagnose the problem. They may also help us find out what happened to your site and how to recover it.

Properly checking your user accounts we can figure out whether there was a new user created. If it was, we will delete it to prevent future damage from the hacker and change the passwords for all accounts to make them safe.

We will take your website offline for some time for two reasons. The first is to prevent the hacker from causing further damage to your site, and the second is users don’t want to come to a page that gives them a creepy malware alert.

Our team will determine how your Drupal site was hacked, whether it was remote file inclusion, code injection or simply that your password has been hacked or compromised. We will clean your server, remove anything that was added by the hacker, then restore your latest backup and upload clean files.

Preventing Future Hacking

Even if your web project comes back in the pink of health, you should take necessary precautions to keep it that way. Our support team backups all information and files as often as possible. This is important because data can be restored if hackers get in. We want to secure different areas of Drupal CMS software too. If you are running old version of Drupal, we will update it for you, because outdated software is biggest help for hackers who attack CMS-generated sites. We use safe themes and modules, and swiftly remove any of them that are unused. We will protect the comment section, as hackers can easily invade through it, and remove all unnecessary content from your web page. We also advise you not to use generic or predictable usernames and passwords, and monitor your site regularly.

Closing Thoughts

Taking the time and effort necessary to monitor, scan, and clean your web resource on a regular basis can help you protect your site, your customers, and your reputation. If you don’t want hackers playing bad jokes on you, you can give us a call and our Drudesk support service will bring your Drupal website back to life. If you think your web page has been hacked, it's good to take action to save it as soon as possible.

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