Ongoing Website Support

Feb 18, 2016
Ongoing Website Support

A website is a great way to engage with customers and promote your business. Launching an internet project is just the start of the process, as users expect enhancements and growth over time. Maintaining the site is vital to ensuring that your web page has an outstanding performance. Meanwhile, you also have to implement upgrades and improvements, and our Drudesk ongoing web support service is here to help you!

What Is Ongoing Website Support?

Your web project should evolve over time to continue to serve your customers. You should be keeping up with software and security updates. We understand that it is an investment into your business, and with our ongoing support service you can get the most and extend the life of your web page. Some people are extremely active on their web resources and change things often. Others don’t because they prefer making updates less frequently. In both cases website owners need ongoing website support to be assured that their platform is stable and secure. Drudesk offers a variety of packages, so if you have any issue or concern with your website, we are here to help maintain it from simple content updates to more complex enhancements.

Ongoing Updates

Fresh and relevant content is vital to any website. When you’re working on your business for a long time, you will notice that lots of details change, from new staff members, to evolving products or service offerings. Consequently, any messy or outdated content should be deleted and new information must be added on a regular basis. In this way, users will be able to get accurate information about your organization and service. Website content should be clean, without broken links or missing pages that lead to 404 errors. Moreover, Google likes a lot of relevant content and bases much of its algorithm on rich information. So, if your web page is filled with texts matching Google’s demands, it will have more visitors.

Every CMS has different elements to it that are optimized and changed over time. The availability of new features is an awesome benefit. By systematically updating your Drupal CMS, you protect your website against hacker attempts. If you don’t update your CMS, then you are potentially leaving your outdated system open to attacks, since your CMS could easily become vulnerable and buggy.

Does your webpage look state-of-the-art? Does it have responsive design? How does it work on mobile devices? Drudesk can review your web project and make necessary enhancements and implement contemporary design trends. It doesn’t always mean a complete redesign, but some small design gimmicks can modernize your site's appearance. “The man is known by the website he keeps” — the look of your web resource tells your customers a lot about your business. So a run down website can make your organization seem abandoned.

Finally, your web hosting environment needs to be maintained. Your website domain name and website hosting is not a one-off purchase, and you need to renew it every few years.


By letting Drudesk ongoing web support service take care of your website, your web platform will stay fit, active and healthy. When we begin working with you, we’ll identify your priorities and challenges, and then develop a plan for your ongoing website support. Creating lasting connections is the main goal of our company, and we're pretty passionate about ensuring you are well treated as our client. When you work with us, your website is in safe hands!

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