Mobile customer experience strategy (CX)

May 06, 2020
Mobile customer experience strategy

Today, almost all types of business have sites. This is one of the indicators of effective development and compliance with trends.

It is not enough just to create a website, you need to provide the most comfortable mobile customer experience.

People like to do something online because it takes less time. Time really is money.

Another powerful impetus for the development of mobile sites was COVID-19.

The relevance of this issue is primarily due to the increasing role of mobile devices.

If you are the owner of any type of website or have a plan to become one, then read on, because below Drupal help team at DruDesk will tell you everything about mobile CX strategy.

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What is Mobile Customer Experience?

Andrey Doronichev once said that several years ago no one could have believed that some things could be done on the phone other than making calls. But now, phones have become the main devices in our daily life.

They are combined dictionaries, alarm clocks, cameras, and even shopping carts. Therefore, today you should consider and develop the mobile customer experience as a serious component that affects the popularity and profitability of your business site.

Therefore, let's go deeper and consider the essence of the mobile customer experience.

Due to the fact that more and more people are using the capabilities of their phones, we must strive daily to improve and simplify their access to information.

The question is, why do this? The whole point is competition. You should be better than your competitors to be at the top.

Some studies found that in 2019, more than 51% of site users generate content from mobile devices.

That is why one of the right decisions will be the development of mobile-friendly sites where customers can conveniently find and get what they need. Satisfying your customers' expectations will increase your conversion rate.

Let your visitors interact with your site from any device. The main goal of your business should be to ensure a pleasant mobile customer experience.

Why should you have an effective CX mobile strategy?

Customer experience (CX) strategy is a variety of activities aimed at making your cooperation with customers as convenient as possible for both parties. Every company that is interested in their development and growth should have a strong and effective CX strategy.

3 reason to have CX mobile strategy in 2021

  1. it allows you to be ahead of your competitors
  2. it increases the number of satisfied visitors
  3. it makes you more profit
Why should you have an effective CX mobile strateg

Without customer experience strategy everything will fall apart.

CX strategy for business is like a ready-made hot dog.

And if you don’t have it, then it’s like a separate bun, a separate sausage, separate sauce, etc.

6 Best Pieces of Advice to create an effective mobile CX strategy

1. Determine your visitors satisfaction status for today

To develop a powerful mobile CX strategy, you should identify the shortcomings in an existing system. If you are interested in this blog, it means that you understand that something went wrong with your company.

Ask your customers what they like and what they don't. There are various ways to measure users' satisfaction today. For example, it can be a survey or analyses by using programs.

2. Define who your customers are and change your strategy

If your company is really interested in creating an effective mobile CX strategy, then you should take care to understand the type of customers you have.

Only by knowing the buyer personas can you feel their needs, and therefore satisfy them.

Try to summarize the types of buyer personas you deal with every day. It helps you to predict their desires.

3. Customer support should become a priority

Make sure that all client problems are resolved as quickly as possible. 

If your client feels that they have someone to turn to, then they will feel important and satisfied. Everything is simple.

4. Optimize your website for mobile

Do you want to have a successful business? Do you know if your website is mobile optimized? Make your site convenient for using from all mobile devices. It can be either a mobile app with Drupal or just make the site mobile friendly. Make sure that everything works perfectly.

5. Provide your visitors emotions

Make your visitors your friends. Do everything so that they feel comfortable when they are on your site.

Indeed, today people want to buy not only high-quality services and products, but also to receive pleasant and positive emotions from the purchase process itself. 50% of customers agree that they are addicted to emotions.

6. Explore your competitors

And last but not least, do an analysis of your competitors, or simply successful companies. This will help you understand what is wrong with you and what can be changed. 

This will give you the opportunity to create some kind of new strategy or improvements of your own.

Factors that affect the creation of a good mobile CX strategy

  • Visitors’ feedback

Visitors’ feedback is the most important factor. Only by knowing your cons can you fix them. Your visitor feedback will be the best assistant to improve your mobile CX strategy.

  • Working partnership

Your team should know what they are working for. All parts of your company must work to ensure a good mobile CX strategy.

  • Quick problem solving

You should immediately respond and solve problems that may arise in your customers. Word of mouth is still relevant.

What DruDesk thinks about Mobile Customer Experience?

We are sure that mobile devices are our future and also the future of our business regardless of sphere, and all you have to do is provide the most effective mobile CX strategy.

Today DruDesk wants to convey to you the idea that without mobile customer experience strategy any type of business works at half of its capacity.

We told you about 6 effective techniques that should be applied. If you still have any questions, then contact Drupal support services.

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