MailChimp tools for your email marketing campaign

Apr 19, 2018
MailChimp tools for email marketing

Email newsletters help companies to quickly inform vast target audience about their offerings and to keep them interested in their business. Moreover, email marketing is one of the ways to get traffic to your website if you put links to appropriate site pages inside the email letters.

There are many online services aimed at simplifying the process of massive letter mailings. MailChimp is the most popular marketing automation platforms among them. Whether you are already using it or have never heard of it, it will be useful for you to start using some of the interesting options that this platform offers. MailChimp tools for email marketing will help improve your future newsletter campaigns.

MailChimp tools you may not know about

  • Give unopened emails a second chance

If your perfectly planned campaign has a low opening rates because you have chosen the wrong time to send it, or because of another reason, you may give it one more chance to reach the audience and increase engagement. You can make your email campaign more successful by resending newsletter only to those who haven’t opened it. Simply sending an email twice to the same list of receivers isn’t as effective, because those who have already opened it are likely to be irritated. So MailChimp allows you to automatically exclude those who are already familiar with your email content and send (or schedule sending) only to those who ignored or didn’t notice it in their full inbox.

However, be careful not to abuse this option so as to not to provoke unsubscribes. Use this technique no more than once per campaign, and only when you are sure that new circumstances will have better outcome.

  • Personalize emails with conditional merge tag blocks

Delivering a variety of versions of your email, with content tailored specially for different groups of subscribers accordingly, allows you to make your email campaign more personalized, more targeted and thus more effective.

Conditional merge tag blocks allow you to create and send dynamic content to those people on your mailing list who match a certain condition, predetermined by you. It can be location, age, language, purchase history, etc. This way this MailChimp tool gives you an opportunity to adapt your message for multilingual audiences, send special offerings to customers whose purchases exceeded a certain sum of money, and more.

  • Integrate with social media advertisement

MailChimp has extended its capacities beyond email. This great platform allows you to reach not only the inboxes of your target audience, but also its newsfeeds in social media with a few clicks. Namely, you can run your ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram or through both channels at the same time.

MailChimp offers you three ways to target social media users who are interested in your products and services the most:

  • Your existing MailChimp list members, whose email addresses match with social profiles from Facebook’s and Instagram’s databases
  • People with similar interests and demographics to your existing MailChimp email subscribers
  • Custom segments with demographics (location, gender, age) and interest keywords defined by you.

So you can create your Facebook Ads and Instagram ads as well, as pay for them, in one place. In so doing, you pay no additional fees to MailChimp, just the same sum as social platforms charge for ads.

We wish you many successful future email marketing campaigns. We are already using MailChimp tools for email marketing and hope its features will be helpful for you too. Subscribe to our newsletter to continue being informed about interesting things in the IT sphere.

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