Landing Page Optimization Tips That Will Increase Conversions

Feb 19, 2020
Landing Page Optimization Tips for More Conversions

Are you struggling to keep your customers engaged? Are the visitors on your landing page just lookers and nothing more?

Maybe it’s time for you to receive some landing page optimization tips for more conversions.

What is a Landing Page?

To keep it short and clear, it is a web page — either standalone or as a part of the main website — which persuades your customer to act. It shows a visitor your specific offer or product or service and encourages them to get it. You can think of it as one of your best tools for a successful marketing campaign.

If you can put your offer on a button, a landing page will always prove to be useful. The main idea of a great landing page is lead generation or, in other words, a constant flow of customers. There are two constituents of every good landing page: consistent web traffic and actions taken by visitors. The ways they will bring people to your landing page may be different: search results, online advertisements, marketing emails, etc. But only an action — i.e., clicking a button to place an order, getting a subscription, signing up for a newsletter — can be the magic that turns visitors into customers.

Why is it so Important to Optimize Your Landing Page?

Optimization means improvement. Just like evolution makes a creature adapt to a particular environment, every landing page has to be adjusted to a specific audience and their needs in order to be productive. For your conversion rates to be high, your landing page needs to be optimized to meet your visitors’ expectations.

Consider what action you want your customers to take, depending on your industry type, and focus on that single goal. Do not spread out your attention. It is always better to have multiple landing pages than to fit everything into one.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

Statistically, the average conversion rate for most of the landing pages that exist on the Internet varies from 1 to 3 percent. Yet, there are several of them whose conversions are as high as 11.33% or more. What makes them stand out from the millions of others? In truth, it is often easy enough to boost your conversion rate if you follow simple rules.

General Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page

  • Conforming to your targeted audience

Keep in mind your particular audience before creating your landing page. Stick to the AIDA approach. This acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and has been used in web development for many years. Applying that principle in the design of your landing page  will assure that users will not only admire the page, they will also be driven to take action.

  • Accessibility

Making your landing page welcoming to as many users as possible should be one of your first concerns. A highly accessible webpage attracts as many visitors as possible and is not difficult to implement.

You can read more about how to make your website accessible on the topic here.

  • Short and simple forms

If your main goal is to collect information about your user, take into account that people don't usually share their names, phone numbers, and e-mails easily. To do that, they have to find your landing page meaningful to them. Make your form short and only ask for the information you need. Nobody will be patient enough to fill in 15 different form fields.

contact form wishdesk
  • Visible and clear Call-to-Action

Always remember the first rule of every landing page — no CTA button means no leads. If your CTA button is small and hard to spot among other design elements, it just will not be used. It is essential to have a strong Call-to-Action so it can generate as many leads as possible. Vague words and phrases like "Click Here" just don't cut it. Make a point of the seriousness of your limited-time offer. Show the user they have nothing to lose and everything to gain — all they have to do is to click that button.

Visible and clear Call-to-Action
  • Performance

This is one of the most obvious but often overlooked causes of a drop in conversion rate. As we have already discussed in our article about website audit, if your webpage lacks performance, it will hardly keep customers engaged. You are also less likely to get web traffic to your landing page, as it is one of the most influential contributors to SEO.

  • Running tests

Always be ahead of the curve — test before implementation. That is basic science. Using the landing page testing tools will give you exact and analytical information on what needs to be done to enhance the design. There are 3 basic types of testing:

  1. A/B testing
  2. Split testing
  3. Multivariate testing

Frequently performing any or all of them will inevitably grant you the desirable conversions boost.

High Converting Landing Page Examples

The most effective design does not always mean the most creative. Simplicity is often the shortest way to success. Minimalism will help you maintain a clean and attractive visual impression. The highest conversion rates are achieved using that approach.

Devin Zander’s SMAR7 Apps. A high converting landing page example

A high converting landing page example Devin Zander’s SMAR7 Apps


  • An excellent color choice
  • Big and eye-catching CTA button
  • Accentuation on gains
  • Simplicity and accessibility

LandingFolio. A minimalist landing page example

A minimalist landing page example LandingFolio


  • Minimalist design
  • The headline targets customer's pain point
  • A clearly form to get a customer’s order

The Importance of Landing Page Optimization

Boosting conversion rates might play a crucial part in the success of your whole online marketing endeavor. Businesses tend to make the mistake of skipping the optimization of their landing pages, which often leads to loss of conversion opportunities. Improving your landing page is a vital step that will generate a much better outcome for your sales. On the other hand, failing to make the right changes may result in high bounce rates and a drop in conversions.

We are Ready to Boost Your Conversion Rates

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