How to improve website security in Drupal 6?

Nov 23, 2017
Improve website security in Drupal 6

The evolution of Drupal was long, breathtaking and impressive. As you may know, Drupal 8 version was released in 2015. Since then, many website owners have moved to the ‘big eight.’ This is not surprising, because it provides security improvements, mobile-friendliness, fast loading, and even third-party integrations. Meanwhile, Drupal 6 users give each other worrying looks and ask themselves, ‘Why do we need to migrate from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 if everything functions well?’

Let's find out how to improve Drupal 6 security and why it is better to migrate to Drupal 8.

What Drupal version are you running?

First of all, find Drupal version of the website. It is simple enough to find — online services like What CMS will help you. Here you can find out that your site is still on D6. The next step should be upgrade to Drupal 8. If you are running D7, the situation is not that bad. Read this guide on which Drupal version to use.

Why should you upgrade to Drupal 8?

The benefits of Drupal 8 are undeniable. After being successfully released, D8 still has not lost its great popularity. This is thanks to the active contributors of the Drupal community who provide users with necessary new features and modules.

Although Drupal 8 release took place a long time ago, many websites haven’t moved to the latest version yet. Experts strongly recommend to upgrade as soon as possible. The main reason for that is D6 vulnerability. This is the case when the "Mission: Impossible" is really impossible. Websites that run the sixth version of Drupal are becoming more and more vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Drupal security team no longer provides Drupal 6 security updates because this version has reached its end-of-life. This also means that:

  • all Drupal contributed modules are marked as unsupported
  • new bugs and support requests will be closed
  • upgrading from Drupal 6 will be much more difficult as everything has to be done manually
  • every module will be marked as unsupported
drupal6 end of life

But high security is crucial for your website, isn’t it? If you ignore the updates, one morning you can wake up and suddenly discover that your website has been hacked. There is one way to avoid this: upgrade to Drupal 8.

What version are you running on your Drupal website?

First of all, you need to determine the version of your website's CMS. It is simple enough to find — there are many online services available to help you find out these important details. Here you can find that your website is still on Drupal 6. If you wish, order this service at Drudesk, where we always take a serious approach to any issue concerning Drupal web support.

How to migrate from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8?

Drupalists constantly add new essential functions and important changes to the latest version. Thanks to these regular updates, the upgrade to Drupal 8 has become much easier. Here you can find the details of website migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8.

Hire professionals for Drupal 8 migration

Stop looking for ways to improve website security in Drupal 6 — migrate to Drupal 8 instead. In order to get fast, reliable and high-quality upgrades to the "multifunctional eight", we recommend you to contact the Drupal support service.

Here at Drudesk, we perform regular upgrades to Drupal 8 and can improve website security. Start cooperation with us right now and the result will be forthcoming.

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