How much does an MVP cost in web development?

Nov 01, 2018
How much does an MVP cost

How much does an MVP cost? This a popular question in web development.
Let’s unveil the mystery of these three letters and provide the numbers ;)

Even if you are tight on budget but dream of a great website, it is absolutely possible. Dreams are not meant to stay on the shelf — they need to come true!

This doesn’t mean you have to choose the cheapest performers or sacrifice the project’s quality. There is a totally different approach called MVP, or minimum viable product. And you can expect from a web development company will offer you this option. So let’s explore the MVP and its costs.

What is an MVP (minimum viable product)?

MVP, or minimum viable product, is a concept in web development that lets you get your product with the basic features that are necessary for its full-fledged work. More advanced functionality can be added later, when you have more funding or when you get feedback on the product.

MVP is not like a half-finished car without wheels or engine — it’s a full-fledged car that you can drive. However, it may not have heated seats, climate control, automatic parking, and so on. Unlike in cars, extra features can be easily added to websites in the future,if they are built with a good CMS and are in the hands of good developers.

Having a small set of features developed with high quality is a very good start. That’s why MVPs are very popular among startups. They are also widely used for testing market reactions.

For a successful MVP project, you need to carefully analyze what is vital for your project to perform its mission. Development team experts can advise you on the exact set of features.

What are the benefits of MVP?

  • An MVP requires minimal investment, which you can afford from the start
  • You can use the first return on investment for further development
  • Your risks are minimal in case the product has little business success
  • You can see the feedback from your real audience and consider it in the next development steps
  • It’s a real-life test — you see how the product performs and shape your further decisions and improvements accordingly
  • You also have a chance to check if your web development team works as expected, and continue cooperation with them or choose another
  • You might find an investor who will appreciate your project in action, not as a sketch or idea

How much does an MVP cost?

You certainly want to know how much is “minimum investment that you can afford from the start.” Let’s see.

The diversity in MVP prices

There is a great diversity of prices for MVP in the World Wide Web:

  • The cost of MVP depends largely on what kinds of features are needed and, accordingly, how many hours will be spent on them. The MVP features may differ even on websites of the same type.
  • Another reason why you might see different costs of MVP is that some performers call an MVP something that is really a prototype. They are two absolutely different things — a prototype is basically a sketch or a very rough version of your project, which is not to be shown to end user, while an MVP is a real product that works.
  • The difference in prices is also caused by the presence of freelancers and companies on the website development market. Freelancers usually charge less, however, there are plenty of reasons to choose a company over a freelancer.

Examples of approximate MVP prices at our Drupal agency

Let’s see how much you can expect from an MVP created by our agency developers who specialize in Drupal.

By the way, Drupal is known for great extensibility, which means it fits the MVP philosophy perfectly. One of Drupal’s main strengths is the ability to “grow with your business.”

So welcome to get acquainted with how much an MVP at our agency could cost you by website type:

  • An MVP for an e-commerce site — from $1000
  • An MVP for a brochure site — from $500
  • An MVP for a social networking site — from $2000
  • An MVP for a government site — from $1000
  • An MVP for a real estate site — from $800
  • An MVP for a celebrity site — from $500
  • An MVP for a non-profit site — from $500
  • An MVP for an educational site — from $1500
  • An MVP for a travel site — from $800

Let’s discuss your MVP!

What about you — what kind of website are you dreaming of? Tell us about it and we will create the best MVP for you.

Our Drupal consultants could also advise you on a cheaper option for implementing the same or similar feature. You will be satisfied with how much your MVP costs, as well as with the quality of work.

With the precision of a jeweller, they will measure the exact MVP features that will be the best fit for you!

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