How CRM software can boost your fitness club’s customer numbers by 10% [Case from Drudesk experience]

Oct 28, 2020
CRM software for fitness clubs

Today, when the competition among fitness clubs is reaching a peak, CRM software for fitness clubs is becoming a lifesaver, allowing gyms to legally bypass all their competitors.

Chaos in customers’ data, analytics, and other departments will only reduce clubs' revenue and popularity. Accordingly, with such an attitude, you scare off potential customers.

Drudesk, the web support agency has set itself the goal of saving your business and using a real example to show how CRM software can boost your fitness club’s income, quality of service, and the number of users.

5 Serious reasons to implement CRM software for fitness clubs

  1. Simplifies the work of the fitness center manager
  2. Gives you the latest data
  3. Improves the user experience of your customers
  4. Smooths collaboration between sales, marketing, and service departments
  5. Creates a single place for managing all processes of fitness rooms
Serious reasons to implement CRM software for fitness clubs

A case study of how we implemented CRM software for fitness clubs

As we respect the privacy of our clients, we will not name their brand, but our client was a chain of five fitness gyms.

Our web development agency tasks were:

  1. to establish and personalize work with clients
  2. to systematize the schedule for individual clients and trainers
  3. to optimize the internal processes of fitness rooms
  4. to implement end-to-end analytics
  5. to set up email
  6. to adjust communications between all the branches of the fitness center
  7. to create a unified database of visitors

After a week of work, we completed the project and implemented all the assigned tasks.

What did the Drudesk team do to achieve all these tasks?

  • We have developed a database of all fitness club visitors.
  • After that, we created a database of visits to the gym, schedule, and trainers' workload.
  • The final was the subscription and payment database.
  • Upon completion, we integrated them to get a single place to track all analytics. To avoid any possible problems, we have set up the appropriate data access rights for trainers, employees, and visitors.
  • To simplify the work of the gym managers, we have connected automatic reminders for each client. They reported any problems related to specific customers.

CRM software for fitness clubs is necessary, as it allows you to save and combine all data about your clients, their preferences, the history of their actions. This data can form the basis of personal offers.

After creating databases for the fitness club, we:

  • Сreated a single corporate mail for communicating with clients and processing all requests.
  • Automated personalized mailing about all possible discounts, promotions, and personalized offers.
  • Created multi-chats for employees of the fitness clubs.
  • Our next step was to connect the module for analytics, to allow tracking data on the number of site visitors and see where they come from.
  • The head asked us to create a system to monitor the performance of each employee. Therefore, we made it so that managers and trainers' work processes were recorded in the system. Later all the results were displayed in the form of statistics. This helped the head improve the productivity of the employees.

The gyms got the following results after CRM implementation:

  1. The fitness gyms have improved customer service because of a more personalized approach and increased its customer satisfaction rate by 32%.
  2. The trainers were able to streamline their training schedules and optimize the workday.
  3. The number of regular customers increased by 10%.
  4. Communication between employees of various branches and departments has become fast.
  5. Workers' productivity increased by 8%.

crm results

Implement CRM software for your fitness clubs or sports school and increase the number of regular customers!

The peculiarity of the business of fitness clubs is that they are not oriented for one-time subscription sales. The main task of fitness clubs is to keep a constant lead for a long time.

If you are serious about this business, you know this already To create the most favorable working conditions for your employees and clients, you need to implement CRM software for your fitness clubs.

We hope this helps you understand all the needs and advantages of CRM software. Our web developers will be here to help you manage and customize this software for your business.

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