What Is QA And Why Is Website Quality Assurance So Important?

Sep 02, 2020
The Benefits of Website Quality Assurance for Businesses

Everyone has the right to a single mistake, but not websites. Website Quality Assurance exists in order to avoid the high costs of correcting errors in the work of the website.

You are creating a website for it to work and generate income, right? If it does not work correctly, then you can lose more than half of your customers.

With the increasing popularity of internet businesses, people have become pickier about how well websites work.

  • If the site is loading slowly, then they leave it.
  • If the site has inconvenient navigation, they find the better one.
  • If the website is not secure, they will choose the secure one.

What is Website Quality Assurance?

To understand what Website Quality Assurance is, we suggest you separate these two parts of one definition.

Quality is about compliance. That is, we consider something to be of high quality if it is convenient to use and it satisfies our desires and expectations.

Assurance is some kind of confirmation that a product or service will be of really high quality.

So we can sum up that Website Quality Assurance is a guarantee of the quality of the final web product. QA is an independent part of the website. It is performed separately from the design and development of a website.

What does a QA do?

Website Quality Assurance is carried out in order to identify mistakes that could have been made at the stage of website development and design.

Conducting Website QA guarantees you that you will receive a finished product without a single mistake, and everything will work like clockwork.

We want to emphasize that QA should be done not only at the pre-launch stage. It is important to understand that the QA process should be carried out after every change on your site to avoid big disruptions to your site.

The phases of QA

Quality Assurance has certain phrases that are called PDCA.

The phases of QA
  • Plan - the whole process must be clearly planned
  • Do - the process of testing and making changes
  • Check - checking all processes, fixes and good results
  • Act - making changes to improve the product

These phases are needed to really make sure that everything is going well and will produce a quality end product.

When do you need QA?

Next, we suggest you consider when you need QA and which parts of STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) are required.

Part 1. Requirements Analysis

The first stage includes agreeing on all the details regarding the new product. The customer and the QA company agree on how the final product should look. At this stage, the QA is also examining whether this product is convenient for its users. After that, testers can clearly see the amount of work.

Part 2. Test Planning

The next step is to estimate how long it will take to test and what exactly will be tested. The testing strategy and Test Plan are created. It is like an exact plan of what is planned to be done, how it will happen, and who will do it. If this is not done, then the whole process will be chaotic and useless.

Part 3. Test Development

Once the Test Plan has been created, the next step is to look at how it can be used to test the product for errors. The testers go through in detail how a specific product will be tested and create test cases.

Part 4. Test Execution

The name of this stage speaks for itself. QA is now starting the testing process. The tester performs texturing on each element and writes the results as pass/fail/skip. If for some reason the test was not carried out, then the tester specifically documents why this happened.

Part 5. Test Reporting

The final phase of testing includes a documented description of what was done, what failed, and for what reasons. All test results must be documented so that all problems can be easily corrected in the future.

The Benefits of Website Quality Assurance for Businesses

By the way, please note that we only describe the benefits of Website Quality Assurance for a reason. The fact is that the shortcomings of QA simply do not exist — no exaggeration.

The Benefits of Website Quality Assurance for Businesses

1. You save money

Fixing a bug on your site before it becomes a problem can save you a lot of money.

2. Your site is secure

Imagine that you have an eCommerce site and integrated payment systems with certain bugs. If there was an error with the payment account and instead of your specified account it went to another. As a result, all the money is received by an outsider. QA testing keeps you safe from such problems.

3. You get a good reputation

Website Quality Assurance prevents possible problems with the operation of your site and therefore allows you to ensure the best possible user experience. Having your clients happy with your site will build a good reputation for you.

4. You will receive the desired end product

If the development process is not carried out in parallel with testing, then there is a high probability that the final product will differ from expectations.

5. Guaranteed product quality

The final product may have a bug. As a result, it will stimulate and cause even greater problems in the future. Testing is a guarantee that the product you receive is of really good quality.

6. You expand your customer base

As soon as your customers have a great user experience, they will stay with you forever and, as a bonus, bring their friends, who will bring their friends, and so on. As a result, you will increase both your clients and income.

In Summary

We hope you now have a better understanding of what Website Quality Assurance is and what its role in the web development process is.

Another thing we wanted to convey to you today is that testing needs to be done from time to time. One-time testing during development will not be enough. The more you develop the site — for example, when you add additional modules — the more likely it is that some kind of error may occur.

QA will allow you to get rid of minor bugs even before they inconvenience you and lead to bad user experience.

QA specialists from Drudesk will be happy to help you. Prevent problems with QA testing!

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