Some great examples of real estate Drupal websites

Jul 03, 2018
Drupal real estate website examples

In our recent article, we reviewed in every detail why Drupal is an awesome choice for real estate websites

However, just like with real property, it is better to see everything with your own eyes. So let us invite you to an exciting presentation of examples! You will enjoy a couple of awesome real estate websites built with Drupal.

Examples of real estate Drupal websites


Here goes the creation of our parent company — InternetDevels. Gridics is more than a website — it is a powerful real estate data and analytics platform. It aggregates accurate and transparent real estate data from various sources to let professionals make more well-informed decisions. It also offers handy ways for manipulating and organizing this data. Among the the endless list of interesting Gridics features, we can distinguish fast indexing with Apache Solr, incredibly fast search filters and facets, SSO integration, data import from CSV, Excel, MDB, or Shape, custom PDF reports, Open Trip Planner integration, and much more.

real estate website gridics


We are glad to introduce the Valion real estate website developed by Drudesk. It invites users to buy, sell, hire, or rent out an apartment, a house, or an office using various criteria. Every object description is accompanied with Google Maps display and a slideshow of photos. Users wishing to add real estate can use a handy form, as well as mark it on the map. Apart from adding objects manually, we have provided our customer and realtors with the options to import real property from the CRM or XML feed. Each one has an ID and is searchable by it. Thanks to Google APIs integration, they can be found by coordinates and displayed on the map in a particular area.

real estate website valion

Hellenic Estate Group

The picturesque website of Hellenic Estate Group offers its visitors a way to find villas through multiple criteria. They can select them by particular collection or by destination, as well as set the range for the number of guests and bedrooms using two handy range sliders. It has a search engine, two languages, and many other useful features.

real estate website hellenic estate group


Here goes the Zyprus website that lets anyone buy or rent real estate, sorting it by property type, location, number of beds, and price. The location includes not just cities or states, but proximity to universities or other famous places. The results are displayed both on the map and as listings. The “Travel time search” feature adds extra criteria like means of transportation and maximum travel time to reach the object. However, that’s not all, and the “Draw Your Own Search” feature adds more and more property characteristics. This bilingual site also allows users to sell real estate, and offers estimation tools.

zyprus real estate website

Highline Residential

Another example of a Drupal real estate website is Highline Residential. There, it is possible to buy or rent apartments by viewing the results on a colorful map and as listings. The search criteria include the number of beds and baths, minimum and maximum price, one or more neighbourhoods, address, and more. Those willing to sell real property can submit a form.

Highline Residential real estate website

The Galman Group

Immediately engaging the users with Parallax effects and an incredibly cosy room on the hero image, the Galman Group site offers various ways of finding an apartment. First, it is possible to select a location and see very informative property listings with available facilities marked with icons. In addition, users can choose apartments via the map.

The Galman Group real estate website

NY nesting

With the help of the NY nesting website, everyone can find an apartment in NYC by neighborhood, number of beds, and minimum and maximum price. More advanced search options include all imaginable criteria, like floor to ceiling windows, 24-hour concierge, buildings with a laundry, gym, sauna, and much more. The results are accompanied with a Google map.


Catherine Zerba — Realtor

Here is another colorful example of a Drupal real estate website. The site for realtor Catherine Zerba provides a property search by multiple criteria, shows featured and new property listings, a blog, and much more. It offers visitors a chance to sell, buy, or get their property estimated. In addition, it lets them download a free mobile app for property searches.

Catherine Zerba real estate website


If these great examples of Drupal real estate websites inspire you, or you have an completely different vision of a great one  — contact our web development  team. Let your new amazing site fully use Drupal benefits for real estate websites!

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