Why Use Drupal for Enterprise Website

Nov 07, 2018
Drupal for enterprise website

Have you ever wondered what makes the websites of enterprise companies so great?

How about the budget for these remarkable digital platforms? Well, the answer is simple. An enterprise website’s success lies in the choice of the right content management system (CMS). Discover what CMS is the best solution for enterprise website development.

When talking about enterprise website development, one should consider competency, strategy and a certain level of understanding. Working on an enterprise website project is an entirely different experience than just developing a site. For these endeavors, most global enterprises prefer to make their websites on Drupal CMS.

Drupal for Enterprise Website

Drupal is a PHP-based open-source content management system. It possess a number of strengths that make Drupal a leading CMS global enterprises in 2018. Drupal affords better storage and more efficient data sharing for its users.

The team of web developers at Drudesk highlights some reasons to choose Drupal for enterprise website development.

Reasons to Choose Drupal for Enterprise Website Development

  • Drupal is secure

Drupal has a premier reputation for online security. It protects user’s personal data, eliminates spam and prevents spam bots from crawling the website. A Drupal-based platform is not that easy to hack. Industry research shows that Drupal has one of the lowest vulnerability percentages (2%).

  • Drupal is reliable

Global enterprises can’t afford to have their sites compromised by cybercriminals or crashed due to high traffic. With constant updates, the Drupal platform is always ready to meet demand. This reliable CMS can adapt to any technological changes for years to come.

  • Drupal is scalable

Scalability and speed are vital for businesses that want to enter new global markets. Drupal offers both, and the system produces some of the fastest loading websites.

  • Drupal possess multilingual features

Drupal contains 94 languages and has a built-in translational core which translates both your content and interface. What’s more, Drupal 8 offers out-of-the-box modules for multilingual website development. No matter how many languages you choose, this CMS will deliver all your multilingual content.

Some of the Drupal Modules for Enterprise Websites

  1. PathAuto is an essential module for any business as it lets you automatically generate URL/path aliases for various kinds of content to make them easier to read.
  2. WebForm module allows you to create surveys and send them to MS Excel or other application. With this module you can build flexible client forms for your Drupal enterprise website.
  3. XML sitemap module creates a sitemap that helps search engines to more intelligently crawl a website and keep their results up to date. It also provides a few submodules that can add sitemap links for content, menu items, taxonomy terms and user profiles.
  4. Ctools is a tool designed to improve the developer experience. It contains the Page Manager module that lets you manage the pages.
  5. Pathologic is the module for global enterprise websites that move to different servers to change the site URL. It automatically fixes and updates all broken links.

User Management with Drupal for Enterprise Website

The primary function of a CMS is to allow users to create, edit and manage the content of the website. This requires perfect organization to ensure that the tasks are performed in the right way. Providing a basic user management function in Drupal is easy. The admin can give a user one or more roles. Such flexibility in Drupal lets admins shape the CMS according to their enterprise business requirements.

Content Management with Drupal for Enterprise Website

Enterprise websites make use of custom fields to create their own custom content. A CCK (Content Construction Kit) is a solution in such cases. Drupal has its own CCK module which integrates with Drupal's core user-management so that access to all new content-types can be set at the level of role.

Get your Enterprise Website Built on Drupal Right Now!

The success of online business depends on how well the website is established. When it comes to the question of CMS selection and enterprise e-commerce, the aforementioned features and properties of Drupal leave us in agreement.
The choice is clear. Contact our dedicated team at Drudesk to establish Drupal for enterprise website. A good start delivers good results. A great start is Drupal.

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