Drupal 8: a nice “balloon” to embellish your website content

Oct 30, 2017
Drupal 8: a nice “balloon” to embellish your website content

“Do you want a balloon, Georgie?” Pennywise asks a little boy in the horror story "IT" written by Stephen King. The eponymous movie has recently captivated the world, and we are once more thinking about the wickedly hilarious evil clown. And just in time — halloween is coming soon! While you are creating your spectacular cosutme (maybe a Pennywise cosplay), we’ll show you some useful Drupal 8 features to manage content on your website. Be careful, since they may creep you out big time!

What makes Drupal 8 great with content?

Improved content editing

The latest version of CMS has made it easier to create and edit really thrilling content. Firstly, the new improved content creation page is aimed at making editing less overwhelming. In order to edit content in Drupal 7, you need to go to the admin panel of your site. With Drupal 8, it is much easier to do — update everything right on the page with the built-in QuickEdit feature. Besides, the WYSIWYG CKEditor is also now in the Drupal 8 core, which is a huge improvement. It makes editing fast and intuitive. And there are no tricks or treats!

Interactive multimedia content

“IT” has a lot more to offer than just clown nightmares, and Drupal 8 has a lot more to offer than just multimedia functionality. It allows you to present your content in any format on your Drupal website, and edit or optimize it (nice images, compelling videos, slideshows, etc.). As an example, you can quickly drag the corner of an image to resize it with one click. It is as easy as blowing into a balloon.

Mobile-friendly interface

Drupal 8 has been designed to be mobile-first for your visitors. All the themes are responsive and automatically resize elements to look great on mobile. The theme flexibility option facilitates creating attractive sites adapted to any mobile device. In Drupal 8, it is easy to provide various pieces of content so that it looks equally good on smaller and larger screens. This also applies to online store built in Drupal 8, where visitors can quickly find a bold Halloween costume to scare even the most jaded people.

Better language support

Now, Drupal 8 has multilinguality in its DNA. It supports more than 94 languages. To be truly multilingual, you can translate any component on your website — taxonomy, comments, configuration, image styles … even secret messages to your customers on the day before Halloween. In addition to Drupal 8's multilingual improvements, the CMS has great modules for language and translation support.

More speed in Drupal 8

If you are afraid of speed, it’s time to face your biggest fears. Speeding up is essential for a good website performance. With Drupal 8, you can improve your website speed, making it absolutely breathtaking. Moreover, there are many useful modules for this functionality (e.g. Memcached, Minify module, Boost module, and more).

Of course, that’s not all the impressive Drupal 8 features to make your website’s content spectacular from top to bottom. Now, it’s high time to get ready for the holiday. You going all-out this Halloween, aren’t you? Meanwhile, our seasoned support team will take care of and protect your website from all evil clowns like Pennywise, because “we all float down here”… And when you are down here with us, you will float, too!

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