The Permissions By Term Module

Aug 25, 2016
The Permissions By Term Module

A lot has been already said about Drupal 8 modules, always something more to say about good stuff. This time we’re about to learn a little something about the new Drupal 8 module — Permissions by Term.

So recently, one of the Drupal’s developers Peter Majmesku has introduced the new module for Drupal 8. It was created to be very useful for simple users as well as for professional coders. But is it really so? And what does this module do? We’ll try find out today.

Permissions by Term — what is that?

As the module name suggests, it’s all about giving permissions — or not giving them.

The main function of this Drupal 8 Module is to restrict access to content on your website. It means that you can add a list of certain users who are allowed to see some particular information right under each taxonomy term.

Permissions by Term Module

Why use Permissions by Term Drupal module?

“And what’s so good about it? It’s not like there weren’t any restrictions before, why would they introduce something that’s already there?” you may ask.

So let’s list a few features of Permissions by Term Drupal module so that you can see how different it is from the whole Drupal’s limitation system:

  • Nodes

It restricts access to specified Drupal nodes based on taxonomy terms. That means that when you create a term in Drupal 8, you can apply restrictions directly to it. Then any content which is tagged with this term will be restricted as well.

  • Something more than authenticated/anonymous based restrictions

You can apply limitations based on individual user accounts and/or user roles. This is Permissions by Term’s main benefit, as you are now able to provide access to content not only by logged-in/not-logged-in principle, but create posts for specific groups of users. For example, if you have an educational website, you’ll want to have some info for teachers only, so you’ll have to find a way to make sure students won’t see it. This is exactly what Permissions by Term is perfect for. Or, speaking about educational Drupal sites, you can also make content for a particular class of students. That may come in handy as well :)

  • Simple but powerful

This module is very easy to use. Permissions By Term provides features for the front and backend with no programming skills required. So you don’t really have to be a cool Drupal developer to decide who is allowed to see/edit a certain type of content on your Drupal site and who is not.

Try it for yourself

Wow, Drupal never disappoints when introducing new modules! This one is no exception. The Permissions of Term module for Drupal 8 has fully proved its practicality and usability since it has been first introduced. Now it’s effectively working on more than 100 websites. And now we can see why — it makes all the restriction system much easier and user friendly. So here’s our advice: don’t hesitate to ask us to help you install it and test it out on your own website! We hope this article was helpful for you. Stay with us for more information about Drupal modules :)

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