Drudesk’s birthday: a look behind the curtains of website support

Apr 06, 2017
Drudesk’s birthday: a look behind the curtains of website support

Double greetings to you, dear readers! Drudesk website support service is turning two years old! Last year on this day, we reviewed the phenomenon of Drudesk’s amazing growth. This time, we invite you to peep behind the curtain. What are they like, those people who improve your Drupal websites every day?

You might think that developers are some boring guys dressed in stretched clothes. Nothing could be further from the truth! Clothes actually do not matter — the most important point is that all the great people we got here at Drudesk are truly interesting, creative, funny and friendly. After fixing bugs, performing upgrades, adding new features to websites and so on, they are ready to rock out at cool team-building parties. Passion and inspiration in everything from work to rest — this is Drudesk! Mutual understanding and help — this is Drudesk! So come and get acquainted with us.

It’s hard to believe that two years ago Drudesk looked like this — just a few pretty faces:

drudesk guys

Now we have a huge super team, and Drudesk looks like this:

drudesk_ team

So meet our dev teams of true Drupal wizards who are able to do anything for your website.


Who says the IT industry is a men’s world? The TFD team that is headed by Aleks, in addition to the other fearless Drupal gurus, includes two ladies who work as project managers. They inspire their developers to paint their portraits, not to mention doing miracles in the most challenging projects! This team also has the company’s youngest dev, a 17-year-old IT wunderkind who does a great job.

team tfd


The team headed by Auk consists of five courageous super drupalers and one charming PM who inspires them. No matter how complicated your project is, do not worry: a solution will surely be found! In order to do this, there is magic “Eureka” light bulb at the team lead’s working place, even if it is just painted on a picture. But, as usual, the secret is not in the bulb, but in the excellent Drupal skills the guys have.



The nickname of this team lead speaks for itself: Strong! This team is all-men, and its tough guys only have strong points. They could probably rescue the planet if they needed to, but they have the mission of website fixing. The Drussage guys are harsh on bugs and strict with deadlines. However, they are truly kind to colleagues and customers, and even have soft toys on their working desks. Strength and kindness are the best combination!

drussage team


Drupal support knows no distance, so we have one more team of brilliant drupalers in the city of Rivne. Could you imagine a task that would be difficult for a team whose lead’s name is Pifagor (after the famous philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras)? Impossible! All work is controlled by two PMs, one of whom is the only lady in the office (a responsible but nice role for the charming Cherry!). There is no place for a mistake here — just a perfect website support.

ddr team

Hold on! The whole website support story wouldn’t be possible without several more important guys, so meet them right now.

Chief Technical Officer

Ivan is the CTO and also the most experienced developer who everyone can rely on. Our main Drudesk magician should have a beard, and Ivan indeed has one. We are not telling anyone that it’s one of the main secret of how we keep our customer’s websites working smoothly. However, it’s not like any dev team could repeat it — this trick only works in combination with profound Drupal expertise!

chief technical officer

Head of Customer Service

Just like the technical side, the customer-related issues need a special guru, and we are really lucky to have AndrewXD! Everyone comes to him to get good advice, and Andrew is always ready to give it. He can solve even the most complicated cases in a blink of an eye. So whenever AndrewXD blinks, we can be sure that some important issue has been fixed!

head of customer service

Founder and CEO

And, of course, the whole Drudesk story wouldn’t be possible without one courageous person who founded the support service two years ago. Leviks firmly believed its success was going to be unbelievable, and he was absolutely right. Did he consult a wizard or a fortune-teller? Perhaps ... but probably not. It just couldn’t be otherwise — considering the great idea, hard work, high level of skills, caring attitude and cool devs.

founder and ceo

You can say “Happy birthday” to all these people right here. And, of course, entrust them with any task you need done for your website!

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