DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai: Big Event on the Drupal Calendar

Feb 25, 2016
DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai: Big Event on the Drupal Calendar

DrupalCon is the hub of the Drupal community. It's where enhancements to the project are made and where business relationships are built. Drudesk representatives had an amazing chance to take part in DrupalCon once again, this time in Mumbai, the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It was an awesome opportunity to hear various ideas regarding Drupal development in a city full of color, excitement, diversity, and light.

Why India? In the last few years the Drupal community in this country has been developing extremely quickly. Many people there have helped to organize multiple events and have contributed a lot to Drupal advancement. That’s why India was chosen to be DrupalCon host this time.

Sessions, Workshops, Discussions… Everything to Get to Know Drupal Better

Drudesk delegates were excited to participate in the sessions and other intriguing activities at the conference.

The opening session surprises us every time. The fun, music, dancing, tutorials and much more brings out the spirit of the Drupal community.

Then, Muktesh Kandpal shared his ideas about Drupal power and flexibility to the digital marketers. This talk was about the huge opportunities for stakeholders to create their own marketing technology product with Drupal.

The “Everything multilingual in Drupal 8” workshop was dedicated to give the tips on how to best utilize the new solutions in Drupal 8. One more must visit session, “Scaling Drupal 8”, was about optimization strategies, the importance of performance, Drupal 8 performance enhancements and other related topics.

As Drupal communities in India are very good at hiring Drupal developers, we thought it might be a good idea to learn some of their strategies. Suchi Garg spoke about efficient hiring strategy — how to pick up the right interns, train them and finally hire them when they are ready.

Our Drupal frontend developers who visited the “Drupal 8 with Backbone, and Underscore” workshop learned a lot about Drupal 8 and JavaScript development. This session included learning about Backbone.js and Underscore.js aspects, their functions and how they can be applied in extending Drupal 8.

Panel discussion about India's journey and improvements gave us a deep look at Indian development companies’ evolution and current challenges. India is no longer the cheap or low-quality outsourcing hub for the rest of the world’s coding.

Let’s Recap

So, what did Drudesk get out of being a part of DrupalCon Asia? We met new friends from the Indian community, got unforgettable memories and learned new things about the Drupal world. DrupalCon Asia was all about “drupalisation” and we are pretty excited about approaching opportunities to participate in the upcoming DrupalCon!

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