DevOps services by Drudesk: what they include

Mar 12, 2018
DevOps services

The word “DevOps” is on everyone’s lips today, especially when it comes to efficient web development and support. The numerous benefits of DevOps for business are unquestionable. However, as is the case with many modern terms, it is not always clear to everyone what exactly DevOps embraces. Let’s fix this right now and take a closer look at DevOps services by Drudesk website support.

DevOps services in more detail

“DevOps” is a merge of two words — “development” and “operations” — which reflects its main essence. However, DevOps, as one of the most demanded modern receipts of efficiency, has many more components. They include continuous integration and delivery, process automation and streamlining, uptime monitoring, configuration management, infrastructure management, and more. Let’s get acquainted with some of them.

Effective deployment to different environments

Creating an awesome website or application is not enough. Sites are constantly being improved by developers. DevOps experts create automation to safely and quickly deploy the changes to the "live" site with minimal human intervention. Safe “navigation” between the development, staging, and production environments is one of the most important DevOps services.

Continuous integration and delivery

Such processes as development and testing, deploying new features, managing the configuration of containers, services, and servers should be properly automated and streamlined using powerful tools.This saves time on manual tasks, increases the reliability of the process, and reduces the risk of human error. That’s the essence of continuous integration & delivery services by DevOps.

Uptime monitoring

Your website should be constantly available to users. That’s what accessibility monitoring is for. DevOps experts instantly respond to any upcoming issues. Sometimes, you may even be unaware of them. Stay calm — DevOps experts at Drudesk will be on guard of your website’s stability and, consequently, your reputation.

Server setup

Setting up servers of any complexity in accordance with your project needs is also a breeze for DevOps. The type of hosting does not matter.

Configuration management

Configuration management refers to handling all the project’s configuration items in an automated manner and in accordance with Agile principles.

Infrastructure management

To fully use the benefits of DevOps methodology, it is better to have an infrastructure thoroughly planned and created by DevOps experts, or have your existing one reviewed by them. They will take into account your business needs and goals.

DevOps consulting

Our gurus are ready to share their experience. If you need a consultation on any issues related to DevOps, feel free to contact the Drudesk DevOps team.

And more!

Our DevOPS team works with any types of services from hosting providers (Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, as well any simple VPS or shared hosting).


Our DevOps guys are ready to show you how high the level of reliability, speed, and security in software production and support can really be. Apply for our DevOps services now!

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