Why custom website development is best for your business

Dec 20, 2019
Benefits of custom website development is best for your business

Today, businesses rely on their corporate websites for building their brands, attracting customers, driving sales, and more. To make your business stand out from competitors, you need to make your website stand out from competitors.

Here is where custom website development comes in. Let’s now review its benefits, as well as see a few examples of famous brands that have used it. And, of course, we will include examples of custom website development by our development team.

What is custom website development?

Custom website development is defined by including specially created programming code in order to meet specific business needs. Custom website development is the alternative to pre-made site templates that are found on the Internet and are ready to go.

We should also mention that not all ready-made solutions are created equal. The world of development was greatly changed by the appearance of enterprise-level content management systems and frameworks (Drupal, WordPress, Symfony, etc.). They offer basic packages of features to start a site, as well as plenty of extensions to enrich their functionality.

Using a CMS significantly reduces development time, streamlines the process, and offers end customers great ways to manage their content without a developer’s help. Still, custom web development on top of a CMS allows for tailoring site features to particular business needs. So, while discussing custom website development, we include development on a CMS.

Benefits of custom web development over ready-made solutions

Exclusive website architecture

As opposed to pre-built templates, custom website development can provide you with an exclusive site architecture that is built around your customer’s journey. And they will follow it until they successfully reach a conversion.

Unique design

Let your website create an unforgettable first impression — and with every subsequent step throughout your site.

Ready-made templates are likely to be repeated across the web. But your brand deserves to be unique and created with the help of a professional web designer. This builds the brand’s identity and recognition.

Unlimited features

Just tell developers what functionality you expect from your website, and there is literally nothing they can’t create with custom web development.

There is no need to adapt to a website template’s capabilities — on the contrary, your site will adapt your business requirements with no limits.

Reduced loading times

With simple website builders, you have certain functionalities regardless of whether you need them or not. However, each unnecessary feature may reduce your website’s performance. Website speed is crucial for business to attract potential customers, for SEO, and for conversions that bring profits.

Custom website development can give you a very focussed set of features — nothing less and nothing more than your business needs. One custom plugin can replace a host of unnecessary ones.

Higher security

Custom website development offers great opportunities to safeguard your website. This can be done through custom workflows for multiple participants, access and permissions, authentication, and much more.

Whatever changes you wish

You decide how your site should evolve with time so it does not lag behind your new business realities. Technologies also do not stand still, so changes are very useful for websites. Custom website development allows you to have your site modified any way you need by professionals.

Examples of famous websites that used custom development

If you look at any famous site, it definitely relies on custom code at least for the key functionality. The big brands decided to stand out with special tools!


One of the world’s most highly-trafficked websites, weather.com receives about 100 million monthly guests from across the globe. It uses the Drupal CMS as the basis and the functionality is completed with custom coding.

The website creators enabled it to handle high traffic through the use of JavaScript, Edge Side Includes (ESI), and the Akamai CDN. The website features flexible page layouts thanks to Angular widgets, flexible page previews for fast and smooth editorial experiences, and much more.



The huge social network Facebook has a user profile, personal timeline, news feed, reaction buttons, instant messaging, following, privacy control, business page functionality, and a wealth of other features — 2.45 billion monthly active users is an impressive figure!

Facebook is custom-built on the basis of an amazing technology stack consisting of PHP, React, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Moment.js, and many other platforms and libraries. Unique solutions built for Facebook continue to impress the development world — for example, the super-efficient GraphQL query language that is now used in many solutions.


The NASA.gov website is meant to share the latest news, images, and videos related to the space agency’s activities. It supports live stream events viewed by millions of users from various kinds of devices — and everyone can enjoy its layout and optimal content presentation.

500 content editors perform 2,000+ content updates a day on the website and the average traffic is 1,000,000 page views. NASA’s creators use headless Drupal and AWS cloud for performance and security.

NASA website

Custom web development by our team

We together with our parent company InternetDevels specialize in custom website development. Our experts create sites from scratch, as well as add new features to existing sites by means of custom extensions. Here are at least a few examples that make us proud.


We created a unified platform that aggregates real estate data & analytics. This helps customers make better decisions related to real estate purchases.

We provided Gridics with multiple ways of managing data in different formats. It features a zoning code management platform called CodeHub, an interactive 3D Map to evaluate real estate objects, Amazon EC2 Spot Instances integration to reduce infrastructure costs, and much more.

Gridics real estate analytics platform


JYSK, the world-famous store with Danish roots, also entrusts web development to our dedicated development team. This year, they reached a yearly turnover level of 1 billion Danish krones.

The features we created for them include a separate domain for each store, an easy-to-use search with faceted filters, a click-and-collect feature to check offline store product availability, the option to find the closest shop, and more.

JYSK e-commerce website


Custom web development makes websites unique — so there is no other platform like YaWave. It enables users to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams by activating a crowd. Anyone can just set their incentive and start a wave.

We created plenty of features such as the Wave Wizard for choosing the right types of waves, the Wave Builder, a reward system for referrals, messaging, sharing waves with friends, a referral tree visualization, and much more.

YaWave crowdfunding platform

Order custom web development services!

So if it’s time for you to build, update, or refresh your business website, consider what custom website development services can do for you. Let’s discuss it further — drop a line to our development team.

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