CSS code review: why your website needs it

Sep 21, 2017
CSS code review: why your website needs it

It’s always great to rely on someone else’s strong shoulders. And not just strong shoulders but also shrewd eyes are here to support your website with code review here at Drudesk! This popular service is a sort of fresh look from the experts, after which the code becomes cleaner, better structured, more adherent to standards and more suitable for your website’s goals. When it comes to CSS code in particular, it has its own secrets and deserves special attention. So we decided to offer CSS code review as a stand-alone service. So what’s this all about?

CSS code review (or audit): getting acquainted

If there are rules of attractiveness for websites, they are contained in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This modern presentation technology is responsible for displaying your website’s HTML elements in the most visually appealing way. Fonts, colors, layouts, spacing and so much more are in its competence.

However, as is always the case with the rules of attractiveness, they cover much more that just good looks. The powers of such a SEO-friendly, speed-enhancing, and time-saving stylesheet language as CSS go far beyond just pleasing the eye. 

The right CSS code review and optimization will increase your website’s performance, and its growth can be significant. Search engines will also appreciate this. In addition, CSS code review can have a very positive impact on the site’s maintainability (or openness to changes), and the effectiveness of the dev team working on it. And it’s just the beginning of the list of possible benefits.

CSS code is like a work of art, because there can be many approaches to the same goals, and every developer is free to be creative. We respect it all and review the CSS relying on our experience, best practices, and helpful tools.

CSS code review and some of the areas it covers

Getting rid of the unused CSS

What is recommended by Google cannot be wrong. To dramatically reduce the time for browsers to render your pages, it is helpful to find and rid of the CSS selectors that are no longer in use. 

Eliminating repetitions

A well-structured and organized CSS code repeats itself as little as possible, so a good code review will find ways to spot duplicates.

Reducing the CSS file weight

Some minification, gzipping or other CSS file reduction ideas can do a world of good for website speed. 

Reducing the number of files to load

Performance optimization is often related to the ways CSS is loaded, and there are various techniques to reduce the number of loaded files.

Maintaining consistency

Consistency throughout the code is incredibly important. You CSS code should be using a consistent naming convention. You need unity in the way elements are named and properties are organized. When new features are added, changes are made or new dev team members “get in the game,” you will be especially grateful for this. 

Final thoughts

These are just some of the areas covered by CSS code review. Entrust it to our developers, and you have a great discovery ahead — the discovery of your website’s true capabilities.

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