Useful information on how to create a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter

Jul 22, 2020
Useful tour on how to create a crowdfunding website

Some ideas for developing a website are especially hot today. What about creating a platform that helps anyone fulfill their goals?

Plenty of potential customers may join in if you create a crowdfunding website. Our web development team invites you to take a closer look at how online crowdfunding works and what makes a good website in this sphere.

What is a crowdfunding website?

A crowdfunding website is a website that allows individuals and businesses to gather the funds to implement their projects. Their requests are open to a wide array of potential investors who can choose to support the project.

The functionality of a crowdfunding site makes it easy for the fund seekers to place a request and for fund givers to see the details of the project and perform an online transaction. It can offer additional features to raise the user engagement. Famous crowdfunding websites include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, Patreon, Fundable, Crowdfunder, WeFunder, Fundly, FundRazr, and many others.

Kickstarter - crowdfunding website example

Benefits of crowdfunding websites

The crowdfunding approach has made a revolution in the traditional ways of finding investors. A crowdfunding website is a huge community with plenty of opportunities where almost everything is possible:

  • Fund seekers can find funds much faster.
  • Circles of potential investors are significantly wider.
  • It’s possible to find investors willing to invest with little equity.
  • It’s easy to handle multiple campaigns.
  • Online crowdfunding campaigns serve as marketing tools.
Indiegogo - crowdfunding website example

Types of crowdfunding models

One of the first steps in creating a crowdfunding website is to review some available business models and decide which are closest to you. However, you can combine different approaches in a feature-rich crowdfunding website. So here are some types based on different criteria:

1. The purpose

  • Personal crowdfunding. This model involves raising funds for personal goals.
  • Business crowdfunding. This model involves raising funds for a project, startup, company growth, or other business-related idea.
  • Non-profit crowdfunding. This model involves raising funds for charity, free education, non-profit organizations, and so on.

When it comes to purposes, sites can also fall into specific niches (real estate, education, agriculture, science, etc.)

2. The economic model

  • Donation-based. Investors answer to crowdfunding campaigns and donate money without asking anything in return.
  • Reward-based. Investors receive rewards based on how much they have donated.
  • Equity-based. Investors donate to projects in return of ownership stake in the project.
  • Lending-based. Investors provide money in return of a fixed income from the project.

How do crowdfunding websites make money?

If you decide to create a crowdfunding website, the following information can be useful to you to consider. Here are a few ways in which your crowdfunding website can be a source of direct income for you as the owner:

  • Percentage of the raised funds.
  • Fees on transactions.
  • Paid subscriptions to the platform.
  • Additional services on the website (campaign management, branding, video creation, etc.)
How do crowdfunding websites make money?

How to create a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter: useful features

Well, how do you create a website like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or others? Here are some of the features to create a crowdfunding website with (however, they may vary based on the chosen business model and specifics):

  • Navigation must be intuitive where donors and seekers quickly understand where to start.
Navigation on a crowdfunding website
  • A crowdfunding website needs handy dashboards for creating and editing crowdfunding projects.
  • Potential investors need to be able to easily react to projects (like, share, support, donate, etc.)
  • There needs to be integration with a secure payment gateway to make online transactions.
  • Frequently Asked Questions or customer support chat (better both) will help users if they have questions.
  • Project pages need clear statistics with the expected funds, progress, finishing date, etc.
Stats on a crowdfunding website
  • There needs to be ways to communicate between the parties (messenger, chat, etc.)
  • Integration with social media is a must.
  • A project search will help everyone find interesting ones.
Search on a crowdfunding website
  • The crowdfunding website has to be mobile-friendly with all features available from mobile devices.
  • Investors need their own page with updates and rewards.
  • A crowdfunding website needs to be able to generate stats and reports.
  • Of course, a crowdfunding website needs to use HTTPS instead of HTTP for secure connection and follow other security practices.

Revolutionary crowdfunding platform created by our team

Our team has a masterpiece in the collection of projects that is from the crowdfunding sphere. The YaWave is a unique online crowdfunding platform. It is used by individuals and businesses across industries.

Anyone who wants to raise funds can start a so-called “wave” using a handy WaveBuilder. The wave is sent to first groups of contacts who can support it or spread it further by recommending it via various channels. The wave keeps growing until the goal is fulfilled. Social media sharing options allow the participants to spread the information even further.

Referrers receive rewards for their actions according to the type of wave (the website has four). There are interesting features such as a referral tree visualization. There is a flexible system of sending messages based on various events. The website features 4 types of subscriptions.

YaWave is based on the Drupal content management system. Payments are available through integration with Stripe/ Quaderno. The React.JS front-end framework is used for better speed and interactivity.

YaWave - crowdfunding website example

Create a crowdfunding website at affordable prices

Well, how much does it cost to start a crowdfunding website? The budgets are a bit tight nowadays, but there always are options to create a crowdfunding website with a professional look and rich functionality on a budget. The secret is in building websites based on good CMSs (Drupal, WordPress. etc.) with plenty of ready plugins in the sphere of crowdfunding and online payments.

Their amazing advantage is that the ready solutions can be easily customizable to your needs, in addition, developers can create anything you need in a fully custom mode.

Bring on a professional crowdfunding software developer with a cost-effective approach! Our web agency, with a focus on cost-effectiveness, has developers and designers who will deliver the results quickly. Contact us to create a crowdfunding website!

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