Website support: reasons to choose a company over a freelancer

Jun 09, 2016
Website support: reasons to choose a company over a freelancer

When your website development phase is over, you may come up with some website support needs. This may include bug fixes, new features, updates, performance optimization, website audit, regular maintenance — the list goes on! So the time comes to find someone for these tasks, and you start searching for people who are competent in this field.

For website support, you face a choice between companies or freelancers. Freelancers’ offers sometimes look very lucrative in terms of the price. But for the most part, that is their only advantage. There are always exceptions, of course, and you may be lucky to find your own website support genius who is able to satisfy all your needs. However, in general, there are more benefits to choosing a company over a freelancer. Here they are for you to consider.

Why to choose a company over a freelancer for website support?

All kinds of experts under the same roof

Your website is a complex system that may need the attention of different kinds of experts: developers, SEO people, UX designers, QA testers and more. Especially when there is some trouble with a website, it should be examined from different angles (depending on your particular case).

Sometimes you don’t know in advance what kind of help will be necessary and what skills your freelancer should have. No freelancer is really a Jack-of-all-trades — and that’s a good reason to choose a company. When all experts with different skills work together in teams under the same roof, miracles can happen.

Teamwork and colleagues’ advice and help

Website support issues regularly involve an investigation of a website built by someone else, often long ago. Puzzling out the code written by some other developers can often be a daunting task. Here’s where discussions, meetings, and consultations with experienced colleagues are very helpful for finding the answers. Teammates may have already come across the same type of issue. In fact, the chances for this are pretty high, especially if a website support company has been around for some time and has dealt with plenty of support and maintenance cases.

Better communication, organization and control

Projects managers are magic people who take care of everything, and act as intermediaries between you and the developers. They help you and them understand each other perfectly.

You are also free from the obligation to bother your developers with questions about how the things are going. At good website support companies, the processes of organizing work are streamlined and well-established.

If you wish, you can view your task progress in a task tracker (usually companies provide this option), and tell your manager about your wishes. The rest is up to him to provide.

You are dealing with a company as a whole entity that has an obligation to fulfill your tasks in any circumstances. When a developer needs day-off for some reasons, you know he can always be substituted with another one.

If you appreciate these advantages of choosing a website support company over a freelancer, consider Drudesk support service. We have grown from a subdivision of the world-famous Drupal development company InternetDevels with 8 years of experience. We work together in the same walls, consult each other on the most complicated web development issues, organize discussions and lectures, attend to IT conferences. About two months ago, Drudesk celebrated a 1 year anniversary, and this has been a year of stunning success. Clients know good website support when they see it! What about you? Join us — we’ll be waiting!

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