Reasons Why You Should Use Drupal

Jun 29, 2017
Reasons to Use Drupal

It’s pretty obvious that hundreds or even thousands of articles have been written about the benefits of Drupal on the Internet.

You can find any information concerning the usability of Drupal websites, mobile improvements in Drupal, and upgrades for better site performance. We have also provided you with valuable information on doing a website security audit, how to find reliable web support and the advantages of Drupal as an open source. These articles are all true, but we believe that Drupal is much more than that. Let’s take a fresh look at the power of this CMS and learn some important facts about it.

In the Internet era, an online presence is a must-have. Communication and commerce online is a central part of our everyday life. That’s why businesses keep looking for the most advanced content management system to use in their business website. There is no doubt that Drupal is the best choice for large websites with its wide functionalities. This is a powerhouse system that opens the way for developers to build high-quality websites that meet all the requirements of their customers. As a result, companies get innovative and multi-functional websites to engage more potential clients.

And it all started when Drupal was an experimental platform that helped its founder to explore new web technologies from his student dorm. Some might say, “It’s all too sophisticated for my small business.” Maybe it’s small because you don’t want move on and think out of the box? Drupal is an engine that can accelerate your online business at full speed. We can confirm this with great confidence, because we have convincing facts on why you should choose this platform for your site.

About Drupal

Drupal is the best open-source software for web content management used to power millions of websites all over the globe, including but not limited to the leading global enterprises, governments, education institutions, eCommerce stores, and more. Due to its flexibility and scalability, Drupal can be used even by beginners. It is free to download and anyone can modify and extend this platform. 

Reasons Why You Should Use Drupal For Web Development

  • Great Community

The users and developers are one of the most influential global open source communities. Every year thousands of people contribute to Drupal. They not only provide strong community support with new projects and updates, but also organize conferences and meetups throughout the world to further enhance the platform. Wikipedia tells us that as of April 2017, the Drupal community is composed of more than 1.3 million members.

  • Thousands of Modules

Thanks to useful modules, it becomes possible to quickly add new functionality to your website. With over 16,000 to choose from, they are only increasing in number. From experienced web developers to bloggers with limited IT skills, Drupal gives every user freedom of choice. Whether you need additional tools for your website’s security or want to add a comment option to your blog, Drupal allows you to customize your site to your heart’s content.

  • Multilingual Features

As before, the new multi-lingual tools help you build websites with different languages. But the latest D8 version can be installed in 94 languages!!! That number says it all. You can use four core modules specifically for language support and translation. The community facilitates translation updates automatically.

  • Reputation

Today, more than one million websites are built on Drupal. The wide opportunities, in comparison with other systems, make it the most desirable CMS. List of clients inspires the high level of confidence: government organizations, healthcare and educational industries, eCommerce and social networking sites. The platform also enables business companies to meet all the requirements for a strong online presence.

  • Integrations with third-party systems

Due to Drupal built-in services, your website can be easily integrated with any systems or applications.

  • Easy content editing

Content editing in Drupal is easy and convenient because this CMS offers opportunities for inline editing, embedding and reusing of different types of media, managing blocks and layouts, and more. 

  • Mobile-friendliness

Drupal is a mobile-friendly CMS with the help of which you can build fully responsive websites. 

  • E-commerce feature

Drupal offers powerful e-commerce features so you can showcase your business online. 

  • Increased website security

With Drupal, you can forget about website bugs and errors. Drupal’s community constantly helps keep Drupal sites secure.

Who Uses Drupal

Many big companies and organizations benefit from using the most popular CMS. High-profile customers, like the White House and the British Government, say a lot about its commitment on security matters. Among other humongous sites are as follows:

companies using Drupal

As you know, this list goes on — because Drupal is an ideal destination for your website. Don’t waste time, join this awesome company!

Whether you want to get a Drupal website from scratch, make the integration, or need an expert support team for your important project, we are always ready to provide you with all these things.

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