Why Does My Website Need Ongoing SEO Maintenance

Feb 04, 2016
Why Your Website Needs Ongoing SEO Maintenance

Winter is a great time to take a moment and refresh your website, especially if you’re in hibernation mode. Ongoing SEO maintenance of your Drupal website should be a priority for you if you’re running a professional business website.

As the saying goes, “A stumble may prevent a fall” — correcting a small mistake may help you to avoid a bigger one. If you have even small issues with your web page, your best option is to trust professionals and let them do their job.

In this blog, we will explain why you need SEO maintenance and tell you about three main things on your web page that should be fixed and kept up constantly.

Why your website needs ongoing SEO maintenance

If you want to keep your search engine ranking high, you definitely need ongoing SEO maintenance. Here are the reasons to implement such a campaign:

  • regular Google Analytics analysis
  • implementation of new strategies to increase traffic based on regular reports
  • increased chances to be found through organic search

and much more! 

Fixing Broken Links

Due to poor SEO website maintenance, your visitors may encounter broken links on your website which results in a 404 error. It does not create a very good impression when your client clicks on a link and gets an error page or something else that they weren’t expecting. Broken links are really frustrating for users. From a business viewpoint, if your links are broken your customers won’t be able to find what they are looking for and they may abandon your web page. If a link on your website says "start working" or “buy”, it should lead to the next step of the procedure.

Here are a few reasons why your links might become broken:

  • links haven’t been checked thoroughly when the page was created;
  • a page you are linking to on another website might change or disappear entirely because of a site redesign;
  • a web page on your site is deleted;
  • a website doesn’t exist anymore;
  • incorrect capitalization in the URL address.

If you make frequent additions and deletions on your site, you should check for broken links on a regular basis. Indeed, proper website upkeep should include a check for broken links daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the size and complexity of your site. The Drudesk team can analyze and optimize the link structure of your page, find and fix broken links as well as improve your web page ranking.

Internal Link Analysis

An internal link connects one page of a website to a different page on the same website. Why is having steady internal links essential? They provide your audience with further reading options, improve rankings for certain keywords, help you to promote events and other services, improve website navigation and define the architecture of a website. These links guide visitors through the webpage, but they also pass credibility from one page to another. This is good for search engine optimization because it makes rankings higher. And the last but not the least, internal links help Google to crawl the site.

If you created a website ages ago, you need to perform an internal link analysis. Our SEO maintenance service can help you with this. We will analyze all your internal links, review all your anchor texts to make sure your internal links are relevant, and also show you how to use them more effectively.

Update your robots.txt file

If you are interested in getting as many visitors as possible to your website, it should contain both robots.txt and sitemap files. These perform different functions, but they complement each other. A robots.txt file gives information to web robots about those parts of the website they are and aren't allowed to visit.

Update your Sitemap.xml file

Sitemap.xml is the opposite. It is used to give the robot a list of pages that it can visit. By giving the search engine a sitemap you can increase the number of pages that it indexes. Sitemap.xml files, as well as Robots.txt files, need to be constantly updated, and the Drudesk team is ready to help you!

Drudesk search engine optimization maintenance service

Ultimately every web page requires the occasional fixing of broken links, internal link analysis and updates to the sitemap.xml and robots.txt files. Our experienced crew will help you identify unseen website problems hampering your site. We are here to give you better results, correct statistics and give a more accurate analysis. The Drudesk professional ongoing SEO maintenance services will help you build bridges between you and your customers!

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