Why do you need website content update services

Dec 09, 2015
website content update services

Many owners of Internet resources will be surprised that the number of visitors will drop, after giving up the website support services, as will the site’s position. For your site to meet the needs of your users, it needs constant information support.

Website content update services are a range of activities aimed at the regular update of the site's content so it fits the user’s interests.

Search engines prefer sites with regularly updated content. «Live» internet resources are perceived by search engines as useful and have high positions in the search query. Often executives get a long-awaited site from the developers only to forget about its existence until something starts to go wrong. Sparse orders and falling profits are wake up calls that require immediate action. Unattractive product catalogs, last year's news, or outdated contact information may cause the site to fail.

The number of visits and the profitability of the site directly depend on the relevance of the information presented in it.

To correct the situation on your own, you need to learn the content management system (CMS), make attractive texts, grasp the nuances of some Hypertext Markup (HTML) and so on. It is better, though, to entrust the information support of the site to professionals — this will save both time and money.

Website content update service from Drudesk

After we discuss with the customer the support plan and the cost of services, we begin to work on improving the site content.

Updating web content by Drudesk experts includes:

  • The updating of the information on the site. Our experts will add new text for the website, upload news, and articles, create new categories, and update photos.
  • Updating the corporate blog and moderating the comments.
  • Updating the catalog with new text and uploading the photos provided by the client.
  • Preparation of banners for the sites of the required size.
  • Applying watermarks to photos.
  • Other work in coordination with you.

The benefits of updating website content:

  • You will save time and money – there is no need to hire staff to update the site
  • Improvement of the web resource’s work, its look, and content
  • You will get rid of the problems with the site’s update and maintenance

How much does web content updating cost?

The cost of the information update support work depends on the complexity of work. For simple sites with no forums, catalogs, or mailing systems the price will be low. For owners of a site that contains news, big product catalogs, and price lists which must be regularly updated, the support services will cost a bit more.

Get website content update services

Do you want your site to always be interesting for the visitors and have useful and relevant information? Order the information support using Drudesk service, fill in an application.

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