Why Code Review Is Important for Your Website

Jul 28, 2016
Why Code Review Is Important for Your Website

“Code Review is the single greatest way of noticing and killing bugs, increasing overall understanding,

fixing design problems, and learning from one another” —
Graydon Hoare

Writers, poets, dramatists and everyone who works with language needs to have their work proofread. Nor is it easy to do. It’s the same for developers who create projects using programming languages — they need the same editing assistance as authors of novels. Someone has to “proofread” it, or, to put it simply, do a code review.

A code review is a regular checkup of computer source code. The purpose of code reviews is to find bugs in the initial development phase and improve the software’s quality. Reviews can be implemented in various forms such as pair programming or informal walkthroughs.

What is a code review?

Code review is convening with one’s fellow programmers to check each other’s code for mistakes.

Code review or Peer Code Review is a great way to review code. Because, software/site/application, which is written by a human contains a mistake. Such type of review helps both developers.

What is the purpose of a code review?

The main purpose of a code review is to validating the design and implementation of features. Some companies which use this technique, are focus just on searching bugs in code, but it is not the right way. Also, it is important to point out architectural flaws, misuse of tools, and poor writing style - incomprehensible or poorly understood.

What does code review mean?

Code review means that every new change in code is checking not only by the developer who wrote this change but also by the developer from the team or team lead. We want to make you be sure that your website or code will be alright and will be working.

Who should code review?

In every company, you may see different opinions about who and how should review the code. The code should review another web-developer, who don’t write the original code or team lead. Also, code can review QA.

How It Works

When the work is done, the developer has to look at the code and consider questions like:

  • Are there any errors in the code?
  • Does this software/application/website comply with company coding standards?

A code review should be done objectively, so it should be done by developers who did not write the original code. Reviewers evaluate a source code and provide comments to the code submitter. With the help of these edits, the code has increased maintainability, security, consistent end-user documentation, and understandable comments in code and scalability.

Why Is A Code Review Helpful?

Firstly, it always good to have somebody double-check your work, because even highly skilled developers can forget about something.

Secondly, code review significantly improves code quality. Working in a team, the developer can ask for recommendations. Everyone has their own background and can suggest a more appropriate solution, better design, or a smarter way to improve website performance. As a result, the code author receives feedback on their work while reviewers could learn new things and find new solutions that can be applied to their own work later.

Thirdly, it allows developers to share new techniques with each other. When they together try to find a solution to one or another problem it allows them to tell each other new techniques which they think may help in that situation.

Code review takes place during almost all stages of development. Code reviews greatly reduce the number of regression bugs and ensure that company coding practices are not abandoned. Clean code improves website performance as well as increases the number of visitors. If you are not sure whether your code is clean, readable, and maintainable, you can contact our Drudesk team, and we will do it for you. Our 24/7 support service is ready to handle all your website issues!

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