What to expect when working with a web development company?

Jan 24, 2017
What to expect when working with a web development company?

If you want to establish an online presence for your business, or you already have a web resource and want to improve its characteristics, you probably are going to defer to specialists. There are some reasons to choose a company over a freelancer for your site support. It’s not easy to choose a web development agency that will be good for you, however, because there are plenty of them. So to help you, we’ll tell you what aspects you should pay attention to when making a choice. If you have never worked with a web development company before, this blogpost might be interesting for you, as it will also give you a hint of what your project development process may look like.

A way to create a successful web project

Get acquainted

Before you make a deal with a company, you should get to know it a little. You should be aware of what services it offers to be sure it can manage your problems and making your ideas come to life. You can also get to know its prices, which are usually published on the company’s official site, to be sure they are affordable for you and justified. Besides reading, you can always get the information by asking questions of the agency via e-mail, Skype etc. You should agree with them about how you want to solve issues, and on core values.

Get estimated

If you are sure about your chosen agency, then get a project started. Estimation is the first stage. It will not only provide you with approximate figures of how much time it will take and how much it will cost, it will also give you a plan for your project, which will also give you insight into to the development team’s approach.

Keep being in contact

Working in isolation isn’t productive. When a team keeps silent for a couple of weeks during your project developing process, you risk getting a final result that doesn’t match your expectations. Thus, in order to avoid possible disappointment and to save time, keep in touch. Feel free to ask and even re-ask questions if something is not clear. You should be aware what’s happening at every stage. The decisions should be based on knowledge and experience. Don’t let the team implement ideas for no reason.

Seek a company that values your contribution and is interested in your opinion. If it is eager to share its advice and early suggestions about an issue, it might even invite you to a working session. Communication gives inspiration. Conversations give birth to new creative ideas. Some adjustments, amendments and corrections to the initial plan are unavoidable in striving for perfection. They typically appear during the working process, because it’s impossible to predict all the nuances, side effects, correlations and possible improvement before delving into the project. So don’t be afraid to show curiosity, and value the company that is ready for a dialogue and keeps you informed.

Before taking off

Once the airplane is assembled in the factory, it’s supposed to be ready to fly. However, before the flight, it gets checked in order to avoid crashes.

When your project is completed, the developers should be sure that all possible negative consequences are foreseen and prevented and no bugs will occur. If necessary, we can get your site tested by quality assurance (QA) engineers, whose job is to check whether the site meets all quality requirements to let your web resource fly.

Ongoing improvements

Once your site is created and launched, your task is to keep it systematically updated. If you care about keeping up the popularity of your site and the success of your business, you should follow current web design trends and remember to get ongoing support. We offer code review to find bugs in the initial phase, a security audit to detect security vulnerabilities and inefficient workflow, a performance audit to optimize performance and an SEO audit for search engine optimization. We will check, report and fix everything for you.

The web project developing process can be either a joy or a pain. Different companies has different peculiarities and their own approaches to work. Look for the one that is ready to face challenges and guide you through them safely, keeping their focus on the end goal. Find out why you should choose us for your site maintenance before making up your mind.​ Our team is waiting to start working with you.

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