What does website support include?

Nov 23, 2015
What does website support include?

Website support requires a large range of services, focused not on one aspect of the project but on its general development. For example, it might include content management, technical supervision, web promotion, advertising and even «first aid» if a website needs to be repaired immediately.

Generally this range of website support services are discussed with every client individually.

Why do you need website support?

Millions of changes take place in a network every day. While most of them are minor, several may still be able to influence the algorithm's functioning. To maintain your website positions you have to be aware of all those changes and their possible consequences. This requires twenty-four-presence on the net. What types of support exist?

Types of Website Support and Maintenance Services:

  • Website maintenance

This provides a solution for any problem that is caused by code malfunctioning. Website maintenance allows you to respond to any changes of an existing algorithm immediately. Furthermore, the website infrastructure is monitored constantly in order to evaluate its effectiveness and find possible weak spots. This ensures the webpage stays fail-safe and productive, which is vital for every business on the net.

  • Content update services

This includes periodical updates of the website content (articles, photos, videos etc.). This service allows you to provide customers with reliable and relevant information without wasting own time. Even if you do not need to make major changes on a regular basis, it is necessary to assure users of the website everything is running smoothly. Statistically, two thirds of clients will lose faith in your services, if they do not see any changes on their webpage for over a month. It demonstrates the necessity of the information support convincingly.

  • Graphic design services

This is intended to guarantee the stability of the website’s visual components. You can count on all sorts of design improvements, banners, transport maps and unique images from graphics support.

Website support is recommended to anyone who does not have enough time to run a project on their own. It will assist you not only in maintaining your company`s authority, but also in handling any unexpected problems connected with the website's functioning.

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