My Website is Live — What Next?

Mar 13, 2019
My Website is Live — What Next?

This finally happened — your website is live and you are ready for action. The problem is you don’t know what to do next. You’re waiting for conversions, but the platform seems dead — only a few visitors reached it in a week. Although the website works flawlessly and the content is really useful, its performance leaves much to be desired.

The issue is, that any platform needs further support and maintenance. Discover what you should do after the website is live and how to add some life into your digital platform!

What to do when my website is live?

  • Find appropriate keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tool that will bring traffic when your website is live. Your first step should be keywords research. What does it mean? You should find one primary keyword and a few secondary ones that people type in Google when looking for products, services or content like yours. Include these keywords to your content, but do not overuse them. Constant repetition of keywords might look spammy and decrease your search ranking.

Services you can use to choose appropriate keywords:

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. AnswerThePublic
  3. SEMrush
  4. SimilarWeb
  5. Google keyword planner
  • Make regular SEO audit

Regular SEO audits will ensure that your site meets all the latest optimization requirements. If the site doesn’t work well, its existence is meaningless. The effectiveness of the platform is the result of systematic promotion and maintenance.

If you don’t know where to start, our SEO experts will conduct a complete site audit for you. You’ll get a detailed report on technical and performance errors, as well as recommendations for further optimization and development.

  • Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service that lets you track performance and analyze visitor’s data. There are some key metrics you should track on a regular basis, such as bounce rate, conversions, traffic source, and much more. Also, you should check out the guide on how to create goals and filters in Google Analytics.

You might need help with setting up Google Analytics, as it contains code that needs to be implemented on every page of your platform. The web development team at Drudesk is here to help you deal with this task when your website is live.

  • Start a link building campaign

A link building campaign will help you promote your business after the website is live. When a link to your site appears on one of the high-ranking pages of someone else, Google will identify your site as having more value and boost it in search results.

Therefore, your goal is to get links to your web pages on other sites. Contact website owners and ask for a guest post. You also can ask influencers to contribute to your content so that they share it on their own resources. Ask reviewers to review one of your products or services and place links on their blogs.

Link building is a long SEO process, so do not expect to get results immediately. However, it is effective and will definitely benefit your business.

  • Maintain email lists and create a newsletter

A mailing list will help you keep in touch with your target audience and encourage them to come back. Create a newsletter with information about new products, sales, or discounts as often as needed. If you don’t have content for a regular newsletter, you can send them out on holidays or special occasions (Black Friday or Christmas sales).

You can get new email addresses by asking people to register on your site or simply leave an email for more details.

  • Social media strategy

Create business pages on social media. You can promote your live website and increase traffic by linking it to social media pages on Facebook, Instagram. etc. Note that social media web pages should reflect your site’s look and feel.

To handle all the workflow, create a checklist of what needs to be done and where. This will make the process of keeping track of social media much easier. 

  • Website Support & Maintenance

If left without attention, a website would pile up with bugs and errors. Every digital platform needs further support, updates and maintenance. Choosing a website maintenance plan is an essential issue you cannot ignore. The absence of website support may influence your site performance as well as user experience in a bad way.

Discover how to choose the right web support company.

There’s always something to do when the website is live!

Now when you know what to implement after your website is live, are you going to take any actions? The key to success is a habit of regular website maintenance.

While you are taking care of site content and promotion, let the team of web developers support and maintain its code. The team at Drudesk will ensure your site’s security and flawless work. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your website maintenance.

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