What are graphic design services

Dec 14, 2015
What are graphic design services

You can often find "dead sites" on the Internet. Information on these sites is so out-of-date that the reliability of all the data — even the contact information — is questionable. It is not enough to create a website; the main thing is to attract new visitors to the site and to keep the audience using the original, constantly updated information. This is the service of a site — its program maintenance or support. To entrust this site support to the specialists is a reasonable and cost-effective solution.

One of these types of the website support is graphic design services. It is necessary for online stores, catalog and corporate sites. Graphic design services includes the creation of graphic elements such as banners or clip arts, graphics site improvement and other similar works.

Graphic Design Services By Drudesk include:

  • Development of graphic elements (icons, banners, illustrations).
  • Redesigns of the website.
  • Designs of new sections of the site.

Let’s review the graphic design services in more detail

1. Creating of graphic elements (banners, icons, illustrations).

The era of the internet, as well as the era of the hypertext, has gone into distant past. In the past, browsers were equipped with a button "to disable the image loading" when working on slower channels of communication. Now, in most cases, using a dozen full-size images in Full HD on one page is normal. Navigating a site by using text redirection links has changed into images and icons a long time ago. Text ad units were replaced by convenient, informative banners that can accommodate and convey information to the user. The combination of graphic elements with text content determines the attractiveness of any resource. And, in order to increase its attractiveness, we propose developing the graphic elements of any site.

We will develop any graphic elements. When working, we adhere to the technical task agreed on with the customer and the conditions of a contract with regulated terms and prices. In addition to the development of the graphic elements "from scratch" we can also revise existing sketches (changing elements of the style of the site, change of the gamut, processing while preserving the general trend, website redesign, etc.).

According to numerous surveys and researches, resources with their own style are much more attractive than those with a standard set of graphic elements. This means the visitor will pay attention to the fact that you invest the energy and means into the creation of graphic resources. They will take notice that the site owner is responsible and pays enough attention to the resource. This makes the visitor more inclined to trust the resource and the information posted on it. The accuracy and brightness of every graphic element will be guaranteed by our experienced and professional specialists.

Having Drudesk develop your web design graphics means:

  • Insuring the individuality of your site and a step away from the ranks of identical templates.
  • The preservation of the unique style of the website.Every element will complement the overall picture, none will be out of place.
  • The development of graphic elements based on the customer’s photos, or using our own professional photographers

2. Website redesign.

The work of the designer is the first thing the visitor will see on opening up the site. Only later will he notice the work of other experts (programmers, coders, etc.) and the content of the website. The web design makes the first impression for the site.

The visual style of the site is especially important if the resource is used for business, whether it's the online business card of a small company or a large corporation portal. But what should you do if the site is filled with interesting and necessary information and you spent a large amount of resources on its creation and promotion, but the design is simply outdated? In this case, it is easier and more efficient to resort to such service as "Redesign of sites". This involves a re-working of parts of the site’s look rather than a total change.

In which cases is a site redesign desirable, and in which is it required? The most obvious answer is the personal tastes and preferences of the owner of the resource. In addition, you should pay attention to when the site design was first developed. In this matter, as in other areas, the look of websites is influenced by fashion.that popular many years ago excessive workload of hyperlinks and the tradition to concentrate the maximum amount of information on one page is inferior to the navigation convenience and simplicity of the resource use. Just in the last few years, designers have fundamentally changed their approach to the placing of ad units on the site. Now a designer thinks not only about the ad just being on the site, but also trying to make it as unobtrusive and effective as possible. It is very important if the work of the site effects the processes of the business.

Obviously, the site redesign is necessary if there are pieces of old technology that need to be updated s (Flash instead of animated pictures, modern messengers instead of feedback forms, HTML 5, CSS 3, etc.). In this case, after the redesign not only will the look of the site change significantly, but its functionality and usability will improve as well.

An indicator of the efficiency of the redesign is the increase of traffic to the site.

Our designers will make your site the most attractive and convenient for visitors while keeping the site content and its general meaning We will accurately think over the style and pay attention to the smallest details, because these are often noticed by visitors. When developing the new design layout for your resource we will consider the client's personal tastes and modern trends in web design. We will still keep the site structure familiar to the usual visitors and thematic content, however, consequently you can use the resource comfortably.

Contact us and you will see how your resource can change with a minimum of effort and money invested! The redesign will be done quickly and at a reasonable price by our team of professional experts!

3. Design of new sections of the site.

Any site, especially if it is a commercial resource (business card, corporate portal) is evolving and changing. Quite often the site develops together with the business – the activity is expanding and new products and services are appearing that you have to inform your visitors about. Any change in the organization can be presented for the visitors as news posted on the homepage, as well as in separate category.

The website support offered by the Drudesk studio is a set of measures to support performance, eliminate crashes and defects, update and fill the content. By entrusting the site support to professionals the customer no longer has to worry about the site going down or being updated with new information. The creation of new categories of the site is also easy, just tell us the the name of the new section and tell us what information you want to include.

Designing new categories works the same way as other graphic updates. We get the requirements from the customer first — the use of brand colors, fonts, logos, etc. Quite often, a new category is done in a totally different style. For example, various kinds of stock and stimulating lotteries are placed in the separate category on the website of the manufacturer or distributor of the product or service. In such situations, the goal is not to increase the recognition of the manufacturer, but to inform the audience about the share. In this case, the development of a unique design distinct from the general style of the site is appropriate and justified.

A rubric with interesting and relevant information for visitors can substantially increase the traffic to the site. Managers of small and medium-sized enterprises should pay attention to the correspondence of the information available on the website of the activity by the company. It is possible that the organization offers more than what it lists on its website. In this case, the site should be updated with new information and categories.

The design operates with visual symbols and can be used as an economic tool in order to invest capital and receive the profit. We understand the design is not as a pretty picture, but a science in which calculations, analytics and art are intertwined to mutually complement one another.

We make the sites beautiful, attractive and effective! If you are thinking of how to raise your resource attractiveness in the eyes of visitors – contact us!

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