Website security audit: be on the safe side

Sep 15, 2016
Website security audit: be on the safe side

Hello there, how is your Drupal site doing? Are you 100% sure it is safe?

A good check would give you either a positive answer and peace of mind, or a solution for some necessary action but peace of mind anyway, because you are with Drudesk — and everything can be fixed! That’s why, in the list of Drudesk’s comprehensive site checks or so-called Drupal website audits (performance audit, technical audit, SEO audit, code review and more), a prominent place belongs to website security audit. Let’s find out more details about it.

Your website can be attractive for potential customers, just as it can be attractive for hackers. It is especially serious if your site has a payment procedure or contains sensitive information like personal or corporate data. Hackers may use applications like shopping carts, login or other forms and many more to access your database. They can use your site to advertise obscene sites as well as to send its advertising by mail to other users. With each day, they become more and more elaborate in their tricks.

But no chance for them, if you are on the safe side. The safe side is Drudesk’s side. Welcome here!

Website security audit: from checking to fixing

The above mentioned peace of mind (and more!) is provided to you in 3 steps by Drudesk website support service:

  • Our Drudesk experts thoroughly examine every page of your website, as well as your hosting server, and see if there are any security vulnerabilities which may include malicious PHP/ASP code and its injections, SQL injections, file disclosure, cross-site scripting (XSS), remote file inclusion, directory traversal and many more threats or weaknesses. We use manual and automated tools in the process which complement each other.
  • After we have checked everything, it’s time to give you a detailed report with improvement recommendations. These may be guidelines for fixing the existing security weaknesses, for rescuing your site in case of it being hacked (yes, don’t be afraid, we’ll fix everything) and just for making the site more secure and protected against future attacks.
  • And, of course, to entirely free you from any fuss and bother, we can put all these security improvement recommendations to life. 

Contact our Drupal help team and we can discuss the technical details for your website security audit procedure. And then enjoy safe financial transactions, well-protected data, a smoothly-working website, a good business reputation, loyal customers who appreciate a safe place to buy goods online… and, of course, a great night’s sleep ;) Enjoy safety! Because you are with Drudesk ;)

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