Website Navigation: 9 Best Practices

Nov 10, 2016
Website Navigation: 9 Best Practices

What connects such worldwide famous brands as Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple? Yes, they were founded by gurus of the IT world. But what else? Today, we are addressing elements like website navigation. Those IT brands designed well thought out web resource navigation systems that meet all needs of their customers. Can we do the same? Let’s look at some tips and tricks for improving the quality of your web resource.

Tips and tricks for improving website navigation

Distinguish pop out menus from other content.

Now, this may seem obvious, but pop out menus must pop out. You have to differentiate them from the rest of your content with fades, bright colors or shadows. A thick border is not enough. That is why you have to apply some more design tips if you want to improve website navigation.

Try using shadows if you want to distinguish your menu from content. A light shadow is less intrusive. This is especially helpful for a simple but effective design. But what if you want a more “vivid” design of your website navigation?

navigation on bing

For a “brighter” differentiation you can use contrasting colors. If your article background is white, you can use black color for your menus. Simplicity is all you need here.

Applying to card navigation style if you have lots of content

Pinterest uses this kind of navigation because it’s easy to understand. It’s designed with a purpose of users clicking content all day long. Many websites are also beginning to use style of navigation because it's comfortable and easy to navigate.

navigation on pinterest

Vertical navigation of websites

One more thing that can be applied for bigger websites is using a vertical menu. Vertical menus are more convenient to use because it permits more entries than a horizontal menu. Besides, it can be hidden when it’s not active.

navigation on dailymotion

Static navigation

One more design tip for improving website design is using sticky navigation. This can be a bar or a menu with the same position throughout the process of scrolling. Normally, it is at the bottom or on the top of the screen. Using a sticky navigation bar can make your site users feel more confident while scrolling through your web-resource. Besides, you can use a “Jump to section” icon. Try to make it small, but still noticeable.

navigation on internetdevels

Visual website navigation makes your site beautiful

People prefer visual information over textual. Try to visualize your website. A couple of useful pictures can help new visitors to navigate.

navigation on sony

Content quantity defines the navigation menu style

There's no need to copy the style of other sites. What is suitable for one may be unsuitable for another. We have a simple but general tip. Enable the amount of content to define the navigation menu style. Web resources with a few types of content can possess a single navigation bar. This can show all the links to the visitors.

navigation on apple

This advice will not work for you if you are the owner of an e-commerce website. We recommend using “mega menu” for these websites. It can display all your pages and options to the user, and they can remain hidden until they are needed.

navigation on argos

Use of personalization according to personal data.

Personalization seems an obvious thing for the successful website navigation. But what, actually, is the personalization of the web site? 

Personalization of the website is an analysis of user's activity, and displaying the content according to their needs and requirements.

Use this design tip if you want to advise people what else they should see. This step should be designed carefully.

You can also apply a “related content feature” if you don’t have enough info for personalization. Using of standard tags can organize content according to customer's interest. It’s an ordinary design tip that is used by all web resource owners.

navigation on argos

Suggest what to do next after users complete a task.

Sometimes the users of your website are not sure what to do next. You can help them with this simple but effective design tip. Try suggesting a couple next steps. Did they finish creating the personal profile? You can suggest people or interests to follow.

navigation on tumblr

Allow recent history

Allowing recent history is a kind of insurance for the users of the website. This simple design tip can improve customers experience with revising previously viewed material at your website. This tip is particularly useful for e-commerce resources. Switching between two or three products will satisfy everybody. It gives the people more freedom of control, which they appreciate.

navigation on sony

How to make website navigation

You have read some helpful tips for improving web design of your website that our specialists have compiled them from years of experience. Besides, you may write your own tips for improving the website navigation in the comments below. We are happy to communicate with the readers of our blog. And what if you know nothing about web design? Who can help you here?

You can always get in touch with our company. Our staff consists of specialists with years of experience. They can help with all questions that are connected with web design. Contact our support team and discuss the peculiarities of your site. Are you still in doubt? Don’t hesitate to send us a message!

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