How much does web maintenance cost

Feb 15, 2016
How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost

Systematic web project maintenance is vital for accomplishing online presence and success.

But how much does website maintenance cost? Actually, maintaining your web resource means maintaining your career. Then, think about how much will it cost your business if your web page is inefficient?

Since you are a business owner, you may not have the time or patience to update your Drupal software or modules every time an update is available. However, it’s an integral part of regular website maintenance, and all functionality updates still need to be implemented by someone. Drudesk is a website support service, which is dedicated to maintaining and updating your web project. We offer affordable Drupal website maintenance options.

How much should website maintenance cost?

Websites are like any other software application. They have versions, and each new version adds features, or fixes security vulnerabilities. If you don’t upgrade your application then you can’t take advantage of new features and hackers can easily access your web page. This is why it’s always advisable to keep your web resource version up to date. Everyone wants to have a cutting-edge website, and this can be achieved only by using recent extensions. These are mini-applications added onto to your web project to enhance all its features. What a vital difference webpage upkeep makes to website security and performance!

Making frequent updates and changes to your web page is the best way to keep it relevant, but how much will website maintenance cost? Basically, Drudesk will update your site's software whenever a new version is released, post new content you provide, removing unused content, do emergency repairs from hacker attacks, keeping current backups, work on redesigns of the site (including changing any design elements), and optimization of your webpage. Our team will make suggestions for improvements, and implement any necessary changes.

How much will monthly website maintenance cost?

Drudesk website maintenance service offers you a site audit, which includes code review, security audit and performance audit, all for only $320. You can also get an SEO audit comprising a detailed report with recommendations, website promotion suggestions, consulting services during the stage of improvements implementation for just $50. Our pay as you go pack gives you loads stuff you may want, and the hourly rate will depend of the monthly scope of work. We understand how important it is to know how much monthly website support will cost and we'll always provide you with this information as well as an estimate on when the job will be completed. Drudesk offers web platform maintenance for your convenience.

So, what should you do?

Think about what your business growth is worth to you. Presumably, a lot. As maintaining your web resource means maintaining your business, you have to keep your eyes on your web page. We can help you to keep your web platform in a good condition, as we are highly skilled at doing it. We enjoy having deep-rooted and lasting relationships with our customers. Please contact us for more information about website maintenance cost for your business. Our team offers great value for money and you can be sure that your website will always up to date.

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