What are some web design trends that will remain important in 2017?

Nov 28, 2016
What are some web design trends that will remain important in 2017?

The only thing that is constant is change.

Technology never stands still. It is constantly progressing and adapting to people’s needs. Today we are going to examine some trends that will remain relevant for the next year.

Mobile gadgets — oriented technologies

We are living in the information era now. In order to be in touch with the world that is constantly changing, we need our gadgets to be smaller, lighter, and provide us with round-the-clock access to sources of knowledge. Smartphones are now more often used for surfing the internet than personal computers. If you want your website to be visited frequently, and you want to keep up with the times you must have a responsive web design that allows your site to adapt to the screen size it is viewed on. This also helps your site to be ranked higher in search engines.


Software applications made to run on mobile devices are widespread. Apps can offer general info about your company, news feeds, search boxes, price lists of goods or services, booking forms, messengers, customer accounts and much more. They enable you to stay closer to your clients.

Android apps are getting so popular that now you can use them even without having an Android device (smartphone or tablet). Now you can run them on your Windows/Linux PC, Mac or Chromebook, using different emulators or Android PC ports.

Stock photography vs custom-made illustrations

Everyone knows that 90% of the information our brain transmit is visual. So the use of images accompanying texts on websites will certainly increase.

Stock photography is dying out. While it’s alright to use for social media, continuing to use it in web design is a big mistake. Your competitors may choose the same photos for their sites.

Custom-made illustrations will help you to avoid this risk and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our designers know how to make your brand unique and how to emphasize the particular benefits of your company.

Further development of flat design

Analyzing the evolution of styles of interface design, we cannot help but observe the tendency of designers to move away from natural looking icons (as in Skeuomorphism and rich design). People are giving up on images that look three dimensional, and instead embracing an aesthetic characterized by the minimum usage of drop shadows, textures, gradients, reflections and bevels.

So called ‘flat’ design received a boost in popularity after the release of Android 5.0 and iOS 7 & iOS 8. It is characterized as simplified, streamlined and efficient.

This style of design also allows you to apprehend information easier and concentrate on what is the most crucial: the message. Also, with fewer design elements websites load faster. These benefits guarantee strong consolidation and the further development of flat design, which already gained the favor of many internet users.

Video backgrounds

You must have noticed that animation catches the eye faster than just a picture. Taking into consideration the fact that internet connection speeds are ever increasing, we can predict that the popularity of video will grow.

However, be careful of this, because using too many motion graphics and sound effects can lead you into a trap. The success of good video will depend on smooth movements and simplicity.

Full screen video backgrounds on homepages are getting very popular, and next year you’ll probably observe them across many websites.

Felicitous designs attract and inspire. If you see that your site is out-of-date, we advise that you redesign it. And remember, we can always help you update your site design!

Website security

Technologies will develop and, consequently, ways of hacking into them will become more refined, more sophisticated and numerous. In response to this, the level of protection must be improved.

New malware and viruses will be better at remaining unnoticed for a long time. And if they are being detected later, that could mean more files being stolen or damaged.

The cyber black market’s demand for the latest PII (personally identifiable information) will also increase.

If you have your client’s accounts or databases, having your website hacked could be a real disaster. Save your customers’ loyalty by guaranteeing safety for them.

Remember that with weaker security and controls you become easier targets for cybercriminals!

Our company takes all this into consideration — that’s why privacy and​ secure are two “lifebuoys” that we are, and will continue to be, focusing on. Contact us, and our specialists will solve your problems and prevent them from occurring again.


Drupal is a result of the productive collaboration between the best specialists from all over the world aiming at the continual improvement of your sites.​ The latest versions mean increased protection, fixed bugs and the newest web technologies. So, keep up with the renovations of modules and settings and check whether you have the most recent version.

We hope that all this will be useful. If you need changes to your site we are here to help you.

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