Usability of web forms: Recommendations for improving resource efficiency

Oct 18, 2016
Usability of web forms: Recommendations for improving resource efficiency

When you hear that someone talks about website usability, hey will probably talk about thoughtful design, a user-friendly home page and optimizing the performance of the web resource. These are all important aspects, to be sure. But usability is related to one more vital idea that insures a fully successful website. So what is this last, important feature? I’m talking about the usability of web forms.

Usability of web forms for increasing website conversion

Why is it so important for the usability of web form to be focused on the potential clients of the company? This article will help answer this question. After reading this material, you will get a complete image of a successful web resource. Moreover, you will know the basic principles of web forms usability.

Let's imagine that you have created a registration form on the website. You have added beautiful buttons, fancy effects and some plugins for JQuery-animation. Is that enough for visitors of the website being satisfied? Well, you’re about a third of the way there. Now, you'll get acquainted with the most useful principles that will help you to improve the usability of your web forms.

The meaning of web forms usability

Here you can verify the most useful web form usability tips for your website. So, let's start.

  • While you’re doing web form design, do not forget the sense of proportion. After all, the simpler the form, the greater the likelihood that people will fill in the form and become a customer of your company.

web form tumblr

  • No amateur performances! Everything that happens has to be the expected result of a user action. In particular, this applies to pop-up windows and various messages.

web form

  • Security is a vital feature of your website. Be sure that all the personal data of your users is protected.

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  • A clear division between optional and mandatory fields of the web forms can be very useful. You have to separate required fields from the optional ones. Required fields can be marked with an asterisk or another symbol.

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  • Your web form should have tips on what type of data the user is required to enter. Some tips, with transparent text in the background, can help you out.

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  • When an error is detected, the pointer should automatically move to the field with the error, and show where the inaccuracy was made.

web form

  • The field names should be understandable. This option will minimize the chance of errors.

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What should I do for improving my web form design?

You have to check if your resource meets the principles of usability and web form design. Also you can ask for help from our experts. This will promote your brand and improve conversion of the web site. Only a complete design and web form verification can point to inaccuracies. This can help you to understand what you can do to improve PC and mobile usability.

What should I do if my website does not meet the principles of website usability?

Our company can help you to solve all issues related to the ease of using your resources. We are pleased to offer you the services of highly skilled professionals who efficiently and fluently perform any task related to the functionality of the site. All you need to do is contact the support team of our company and discuss the details of the order. Become one of our customers, and you will be surprised by the quality of our service and reasonable prices. Increase conversion of the website and be the leader in your niche today!

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