Leading Web Design Trends
February 03, 2021

More than a month ago, we said GOODBYE to 2020. So for us, it's the most appropriate time to talk about web design trends for 2021. 

ow to compress images with the Squoosh Google’s free online tool
January 27, 2021

Today the Drudesk web support agency will analyze how to optimize images correctly, how to use the Squoosh, and how to compress images without significant resources. Let's deal with all these issues together.

SEO and Website Design: How to Design Your Website That Will Enhance SEO
August 12, 2020

SEO needs to be incorporated into website design processes and not just added later. Today, our website support and development team is going to share with you how SEO and website design go together.

How to Create a Wireframe — The Guide to Wireframing
June 10, 2020

In our practice, there were many situations when our customers asked us to skip the wireframe phase and immediately begin to develop a new site.

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