40 useful ways to increase website traffic in 2022

Nov 20, 2019
Ways to increase website traffic

One of many ways in which websites can be useful to businesses is bringing online visitors who potentially become customers.

That’s why most marketers strive to get high-quality traffic after a website launch as well as after. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to increase website traffic in 2022. Here we are listing our collection.

Useful ways to increase website traffic in 2022

The good news is that the World Wide Web is a treasure box of opportunities — the options to boost website traffic are truly unlimited. In addition, modern integration and automation tools can streamline their everyday use. Our digital agency experts are ready to add them to your website. In the meantime, let’s continue with some tips to increase website traffic in 2022.

I. Website’s content creation & optimization to increase traffic

1) Start a blog (if you haven’t yet)

No matter what industry you are working in, a blog is a great way to regularly publish valuable, unique, fresh, and share-worthy content. Both search engines and users appreciate this, which immediately leads to traffic growth.

2) Make attractive headlines

One of the ways to increase website traffic is to write headlines that are catchy to the readers. They should also give them an idea of what benefit they will get from clicking on a particular post.

3) Use the power of video marketing

A report by Cisco says that video will account for 82% of traffic by 2022. Now is the time to consider video marketing in your traffic-boosting strategies. You could use it both on your website and on social networks that offer video publishing options.

4) Create educational content

Online courses, questions and answers, e-books, audio books, ultimate guides, tutorials, etc. will provide value to your audience. This will definitely result in a traffic boost, increase your session duration, and add to your credibility.

5) Hold free webinars

Webinars are a great way to increase website traffic. This can connect you to influencers and engage in a live conversation. Send out invitations to your audience a week or so ahead of the event and do not forget to send the presentation or summary after the event.

6) Repurpose old posts

Take some posts that have performed well and republish them in a different format. As long as a particular topic has been successful with your audience, a podcast could become a blog post, a blog post could become a video, and so on, to gain more traffic.

7) Try historical optimization

The term “historical optimization” was coined by Pamela Vaughan, key marketing manager of HubSpot. It basically means updating old posts to make them fresher and more up-to-date, so they generate more traffic and leads.

8) Use guest blogging

A great way to generate backlinks from a reputable site is to offer to let them publish your blog. Ask their teams if they would be interested in particular topics and agree to post active backlinks. Note that it’s important to offer unique posts, not duplicate your existing one.

9) Invite guest bloggers to you

If you invite guest bloggers to post on your site, they are likely to share their guest articles to their own audience, which will increase your website traffic. Make sure you only accept high-quality guest blog posts.

10) Interview industry leaders

Request an interview with thought leaders in your industry or just ask them for a quote, then publish this on your blog. This will add credibility to your brand and, of course, increase website traffic — thanks to a larger circle of readers and likely reposts by the leaders themselves.

11) A/B test your content

The use of A/B testing will show you which versions of content your audience likes better. This is especially effective with email newsletter but can also be applied to many other types of content and increase website traffic.

II. Using SEO to increase website traffic

12) Use on-page SEO

Drive organic search traffic by applying the best practices for on-page SEO. They include creating the page meta data (titles, descriptions, and keywords), providing ALT text for images, SEO-friendly URLs, using target keywords throughout the post and in the headlines, and more.

13) Provide internal linking

Providing an internal linking structure between your pages both increases your website’s credibility for search engines and keeps your readers interested in further reading and opening more pages.

14) Give a chance to long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are phrases with a longer word count. They are more natural and are written the way users enter them in Google search — for example, “how to increase website traffic in 2022?”. Long-tail keyword could be very useful in organic traffic driving.

15) Get high-quality backlinks

Strive to have backlinks to your website posted on relevant and popular websites that are authority in your industry. This will give you referral traffic, as well as enhance your positions in organic search results.

16) Use strategic linking

Mentioning your industry’s famous brands or personalities, linking to them, and quoting them opens more opportunities for your content distribution. This builds bridges and increases the chance for prominent shares.

17) Optimize for voice search

By 2021, half of all searches will be done by voice. Grab this traffic by optimizing your texts so they get selected for Google’s voice search snippets. See more about how to optimize your website for voice search.

18) Pay attention to local SEO

4 of 5 people rely on local search for local business information. So, to increase website traffic in 2022, pay attention to local search optimization, which is closely related to the above-mentioned voice search optimization.

III. Using social media to increase website traffic

19) Add social share buttons to your website

Give your readers a chance to share your content via social media, which will increase your traffic. Every piece of content should have easy-to-use social share buttons for all social networks that cover your most relevant audience.

20) Try “click to tweet” links

In addition to social share buttons next to the content, there is a trend to insert the “click to tweet” links directly inside the content. They should be placed next to some interesting, useful, and just “tweetable” pieces of text.

21) Create pages for all social media

Never underestimate any social network — create a page for your company in all the popular ones. Websites and social media pages work in tandem to increase traffic. Social networks also offer detailed statistics to help you analyze your audience’s behavior.

22) Regularly post on social media

Always share your fresh content on social networks, as well as use old content to create interesting posts. Polls, stories, image carousels, and many other content formats will make your publications richer. Autoposting tools could do the sharing job for you.

23) Place links social media pages on your website

Be sure to add links that invite your website’s audience to like or follow you on your social media pages. This has become a good practice and even an essential element of your website’s footer. However, the links can also be placed in other prominent places on your site.

Get the best of specific social networks:

24) Share visual content on Pinterest

Attractive, unique, and useful imagery, especially infographics, has a great success on the Pinterest platform. You can publish it when your new blog posts are out or just to make interesting visual insights.

25) Add beautiful images on Instagram

Use visual appeal to win the hearts of your audience on Instagram. Beautiful, high-quality, outstanding images that you create and post to this platform are a great way to drive traffic to your website.

26) Post meaningful content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business-like platform where readers primarily seek useful information in various fields and make connections. So use LinkedIn to share relevant and share-worthy posts that the audience will appreciate.

27) Share creative posts on Facebook

Facebook remains a popular social media platform and communication channel. It lets you present your content as posts or stories, create polls, and use many other rich ways to engage your audience and increase traffic.

28) Provide fresh posts on Twitter

Short and concise messages on Twitter can hold the most relevant, interesting, fresh, and vibrant. Twitter is a great platform where brands and personalities post their news and highlights and engage in conversations.

VI. Boost traffic by sharing your content in other ways

29) Submit your content to aggregator sites

Find famous aggregator websites that collect valuable content in your industry. Submit your blog to them and publish relevant content regularly. This can increase your blog visibility exponentially.

30) Be active on the forums and in groups

Regularly engage in communication on forums, groups, and other communities in your niche. This creates a sense of community and offers a way to add links to your website where it looks relevant. Communities can be found on various platforms including social networks.

32) Share useful posts on Reddit

The Reddit platform can be a huge traffic booster for your website. It features various groups where users seek useful information. So make sure your posts or answers to someone’s questions on Reddit are worthy.

33) Answer users’ questions on Quora

Absolutely all spheres of interest are covered by the question and answer platform Quora. People appreciate answers to their questions, and you can carefully link them to your content in order to increase website traffic. Make sure they are relevant and not spammy.

34) Post videos on your YouTube channel

To effectively drive traffic from your YouTube channels to your website, you can use high-quality videos on various topics — from educational tutorials in your niche to highlights of your corporate events.

35) Add SlideShare presentations

Presentations with slides are a convenient way to share your ideas, highlight the key points of a conference speech, and deliver complicated information in clear ways. So make sure you are present and active on SlideShare.

36) Rely on email marketing

Create a list of subscribers through various webforms on your website. Then regularly send them high-quality newsletters that link to your site. Email marketing automation tools will streamline the process and save your time.

37) Arrange contests and giveaways

Rewarding your audience will greatly stimulate their engagement. Think of prizes (free tickets, discounts, corporate gifts, and so on) and then arrange a contest or giveaway. This can be done via social media, email, etc.

38) Use paid ads

Paid advertising on Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms is obviously an effective way to increase website traffic. The pay-per-click costs can be reduced with the help of geographical and other forms of targeting.

VII. Technical optimization to increase website traffic

39) Improve your website’s speed

To increase traffic, pay attention to your website’s speed because it significantly influences the user’s willingness to interact with your website and open more pages. Speed is also officially a ranking factor for Google.

40) Make your website mobile-friendly

Since more and more users want to browse web pages via smartphones, it’s essential to make your website mobile-friendly. The best option is to apply responsive web design so your pages have a perfect layout on every device.

Let us help you increase website traffic

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