Video Content Marketing: Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Business

Jul 07, 2016
Video Content Marketing: Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Business

We all know that content marketing is important. Usually people equate content marketing with writing, however it can take various shapes and forms. If writing is not able to capture the nitty-gritty of your story, why don’t you try a video? Video is an essential tool for content marketing. Landing on a page containing a video can increase conversion by 80%, raise the click-through rate, as well as enlarge your product consumption. Let’s consider possible ways to use this awesome alternative to simple blog writing.

Apply Your Video Content Differently


Just tell the story of your brand with the help of video. You can include some particular information about your brand values, brand origin, or brand mission. You can utilize videos not only to explain complex products, but also to give a brief and engaging overview of your brand and the goods that you are selling.


You can join the companies that have already put their ads on YouTube and Facebook. Simply run your commercials on social networks or video streaming sites and draw user’s attention. If they are interested in the stuff you are selling or the business you are doing, they will visit your site.

Landing pages

Landing pages should also contain a video, because they boost conversion rates up to 80%.

What Types of Video Can Be Used?

Explainer video

Creating a video about what you do or how your product works is not only beneficial for your clients, it is also a good advertising. Ask your regular customers to talk about how awesome your products are and much they love to use them on a video.

Product highlights

This video includes showing off your product and talking about the benefits of using it, or showing it in use. You can also take into consideration questions your customers ask about your product, and answer them in your video.

Make a Vlog

A vlog is a video blog, similar to a blog post, but rather than writing the informative content, you show it in a video. This is a great alternative to written blogs, as people have better visual memory and they enjoy watching more than reading. Don’t forget to include SEO and keywords with your videos, just like you usually do with your written blog posts.

Spread Your Video All over the Web

You can host your video on YouTube to gain maximum reach and earned views. Due to Google’s high rank for YouTube the video moves up your website’s search engine rankings. However, shoppers can be easily distracted by the other videos, and leave yours without clicking on call to action. If you don’t want to post your video on YouTube, you can run it on your website. The video and the description text will help the page itself to move up the ranking pages, meaning that traffic earned by the video is highly likely to stay on your site. You can also place your video on both your website and YouTube simultaneously.

Improving Your Video Content: A Few More Tips

Using metrics

Track how long a user watches your video, as not everyone will be watching your video until the end. You can measure how long a user watches your video, since videos are spread across the web and metrics are included in video players. By using this information you will be sure whether you delivered a message within few minutes of your video to a viewer, or not.

Think about descriptions

Search engines read the description that you write to your video. You should make your description accurate and outline the main points mentioned in the video. You should also include a call to action in your description for those who read the description copy but not watch the video.

The next step

After watching a video, users should find a link to your website, where they’ll be engaged with new content. Make it easy to find so they can take the next step.

Summing Up

Ultimately, video immerses your audience more than a written piece of text. You can use your video for storytelling, advertising, and on the landing pages. It will be advantageous if you show your products in a vlog, where you can describe and advertise your product. By sharing your video across popular social networks regularly you will make your brand recognizable and favored. 

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