Some useful new resources for web developers 2016


A good support service is supportive in everything! That’s why, in addition to taking care of your websites, we also love to offer you some info about useful resources. Services to monitor your website’s availability, places to ask your programming questions, and the best online website speed analysis tools are just some of the resources we have gathered. This time, we are going to discuss tools for web developers.

A bunch of useful new resources for web developers 2016

CSS Icon

There can never be too many icons. The CSS Icon site features about a hundred of them, with a link below to a much bigger collection. The icons are created with pure CSS code and no dependencies. If you click on an icon, you can find the info about how it is made. Clear, concise and useful!


This tool is called the simplest editor to create presentations in Markdown. It offers a live preview in 3 modes, supports themes and emoticons, export slides as PDF. Marp is cross-platform and works with Windows, Linux, and OS X.


Here is a free and handy CSS3 and JavaScript library that helps create amazing scroll animations. It works well on all kinds of devices, and takes up only 9KB. Scrolanim offers many CSS3 animations ready to use. You can add the animations using the JavaScript API.


All popular social networks, from Facebook to XING, are supported by this share button generator. The buttons load fabulously fast due to using a single HTTP request. The SharingButtons tool has no user tracking.


Many countries, one library! The Country PHP library includes the details of over 200 countries worldwide such as currency, capital, flag, dialing codes, geo data and much more. It is simple, lightweight and flexible.


From the first mouse click over this website, you can see that the Anime.js tool is all about animation. It is a simultaneously flexible and e lightweight JavaScript animation library. Anime.js can work with CSS, DOM, HTML, and SVG.


This is a highly customizable, responsive and modular gallery plugin for jQuery. It uses a CSS-only approach to resizing images or videos, which makes the process really fast. The zoom-in, zoom-out and full-screen options, animated thumbnails, support for Youtube vimeo and all types of HTML5 video formats are just some of its advantages.


A real five-star tool, Starability lets you create star ratings with a bunch of cute animation options. It does the job in HTML and CSS.

React Animation

React Animation is a great tool for those whose projects rely on ReactJS. The React Animation library ports Animate.css animations and lets you add them into your ReactJS components.

Polr is an easy-to-use link shortening web app that helps you generate short URLs within your own domain name. With it, you can brand your links and have control over your URL data.

This is just a portion of new resources for web developers. Fresh ones appear all the time, so make use of it! And if you need any assistance or support in any website issues, Drudesk is always there for you.

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