What Makes a Great Website: Top Web Design Trends to Succeed in 2016

Mar 09, 2016
What Makes a Great Website: Top Web Design Trends to Succeed in 2016

Web design industry is dynamic as some web trends become more popular and some of them gradually fade away. Website creates a first impression and successful businesses always want to make sure they have a great one. It should reflect everything potential customers should know and remember about your business.

As part of our mission to make websites great, Drudesk is always on the lookout for new trends and styles in web design, and we decided to share some of our insights on what should you expect from web design in 2016 so you can rethink and improve your web page.

Web Design Trends for 2016

Responsive Design & Minimalism

Well, what does make a good website? To create a website that gets people hooked, designers need to focus on triggering attraction, prompting the right actions, and rewarding users with worthwhile investments. Responsive design and minimalism are not new ideas to website owners, but they are a must in 2016. Your website should be easily usable regardless of the device it is being viewed on.

Interactive Storytelling

Interactive storytelling is likely to expand in 2016. This style of web design tells a story through imagery with textual support. It can showcase benefits of a product or service or anything else you want users to know about your business. You can use automated video or presentations for visitors to go through themselves by clicking or scrolling. To do this a designer should have a high level of graphic skills and know how to convey the website message.

Hero Image

Brightly colored and expertly implemented HD hero images are one of the fastest ways to mesmerize a user and grab his attention. You have definitely encountered webpages with a hero image above the scroll, followed by either zig-zagging sections or a cards-based arrangement.

Fullscreen Videos as Backgrounds

Advanced browser technology and increased Internet speed allowed for more websites with full screen background videos. They add visibility to a site, retain the attention of the user and are becoming more and more popular. Background videos have pretty well saturated the design world.

Extraordinary Content

One would expect a gorgeous website to capture a customer's attention on its own. However, this is not entirely true. Generally, when people visit your website, they expect to find useful information in a variety of formats, including texts, video and images. Such web resources will definitely have greater success compared to websites that treat content as an afterthought. The traditional newsletter or simple email marketing campaign is not enough to hold visitors in 2016.

Unusual Navigation

Another emerging and increasing popular web design trend is unique navigation. Recently, more and more websites have been experimenting with navigation menus, and they have found new and unusual ways of directing the user towards the information they’re looking for. For instance, ghost buttons (transparent buttons that mix with the background, for a better look), which ease the visual tension and add a sense of elegance and structure to the overall design seem to be gaining popularity. As a UI trend, ghost buttons have many advantages. They are eye catching, have aesthetic appeal and attract customers.

Further Considerations

Ultimately, you may have the most amazing business model and offer the best customer service, but with a poorly functioning web resource, you could lose significant amount of customers. What about trying something completely new and fashionable? Drudesk keeps playing with web design, experimenting, and follows all requirements to get your website working well and looking beautiful. Let’s keep our fingers on the pulse of the web trends together!

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