A small online store with big ambitions: tips for sites that sell few products

Aug 04, 2016
A small online store with big ambitions: tips for sites that sell few products

In one of our previous blog posts, we examined the reasons why customers leave your online shop without buying. Now, it’s time to discuss small online shops.

Huge online supermarkets are very popular places with lots of visitors every day. But what if you produce or sell few products? They could be works of arts, unique objects, or just a small assortment of any goods. It doesn’t mean your online store should stay unnoticed. There is a lot you can do to prove that quality can be more important than quantity.

Tips for online stores to sell few products

  • Professional photos from all angles

Invest in professionally made photos of your products from every angle that will let your customers see what they are supposed to buy. Even if your store sells the products manufactured by some other company, it will be a benefit, if you make your own high-quality photos of these goods. This will let you stand out among lots of shops using the same images.

  • The right image placement

Avoid creating the impression of emptiness — be sure to position all product images on the main page in such a way that there are no big empty spaces. Arranged in a proper way, your few large and beautiful pictures will look attractive.

  • Every description a masterpiece

Big ecommerce stores often face a difficulty making unique product descriptions. They have many similar goods that vary in some parametres. But, having a small shop, you can enjoy the benefit of having absolutely unique descriptions which will also be helpful for your SEO.

You have few products — so you can put your soul in every product description. Include every detail you can. If you sell other manufacturer’s products, make unique descriptions anyway, add a video review of how you are using it — be different! Video reviews work great in any case. They help you tell the fullest story about every product.

  • Product categories

Even of you have just one product for a certain category, consider creating it anyway. Categories can look much more impressive on your main page than separate products. Use the same awesome images you have prepared for your goods. Having created your categories, include the right goods in, even if there’s one for each. In addition to a more impressive look, it will give you SEO benefits due to including the plural forms (for the categories) and singular forms (for the products) in the titles and descriptions, as well as providing the right interlinking.

  • Credentials and a return policy

By default, big online stores usually inspire more trust. Improve this situation — show you are trustworthy! Include users’ feedback, certificates, as well as a return policy that will help customers feel safe with you and make a purchase decision.

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Impress your customers with your online shop! If you need any help with design or adding new functionality, never hesitate to contact Drudesk website support service. We can also build an online store for you on the Drupal platform that is great for for ecommerce sites — see why.

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