Sports websites built with Drupal

Aug 11, 2016
The winning spirit: awesome sports websites built with Drupal

We have discussed the benefits of Drupal for small business websites, ecommerce sites, and did an overview of Drupal’s advantages and drawbacks. But today, when the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games are in full swing, the topic to discuss is obvious.

In sports, it’s important to be stronger, better, faster — just like sports websites built with Drupal! Let’s see some examples right now and make sure Drupal is worthy to get the “gold medal”.

Some awesome sports Drupal websites

NBC Olympics

In the sports world, the Olympics are certainly the event that attracts tons of attention. Drupal is just the right platform to handle all this attention from millions of spectators across the globe. They can check out all schedules and results, watch live events, and have the latest updates on the competition in all kinds of sports at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016!

NBC olympics


NBC Sports

Here is another big mission for Drupal. The NBC Sports website broadcasts a multitude of sports events such as Olympic Games, Nascar, NFL, Premier League and many others. Just stepping on this site, you immediately know everything that is happening in the sports world from the headlines, videos, live streams and much more.

nbc sports


Welcome to the website of Major League Soccer aka MLS (men's professional soccer league)! Latest updates, tickets, videos and much other useful information can be sorted by club, so you can follow your favorites. In addition, there is an online store with sports gear. They offer online shopping, order tracking, gift certificates and many other e-commerce options.

ml ssoccer

LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy fans, this is your page! Use this Drupal site to get the latest highlights, videos and information about the teams and the players, the stadium and more. The commercial part is also built in to the website with the ability to buy tickets for the events, as well as shop online for the official sports gear (sortable by categories and by price range).


Australian Grand Prix

Feel the speed the drive of the Australian Grand Prix 2017! Buy tickets, order membership, follow the results, discover places to see in Melbourne and much more at this Drupal website. You can shop in the store using convenient filters, as well — you can sort products by price, popularity, newness, size, color, material and other characteristics.

formula 1 australian grand prix

New England Revolution

Here’s the official site of the New England Revolution, the famous American professional soccer club. Of course, it offers all the necessary information, a place to buy tickets and download special mobile apps, as well as a place to dive into online shopping at the store with a good sorting by categories and prices.

new england revolution

Premier Tennis

“Discover what tennis can offer you” is one of the motto’s of this site, and it conveys the site’s main purpose. Anyone can find tennis coaching for adults or kids of various ages, tennis camps and venues, places to play and much more.


Let these websites inspire you for victories in sports, in business, or in life! One of the ways to become a winner is to get an awesome Drupal website built for you, for which purpose you can contact us. Your best results are yet to come!

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